Sunday, February 8, 2009

God, am I lucky.

The internet is an amazing medium. One can find a recipe for dinner using ketchup packets, saltines, and chicken breasts, while simultaneously reconnecting with your best friend in Kindergarten on facebook. You remember her, the girl who would take her braids and fold them over her chin like Abraham Lincoln and make you giggle uncontroablly. The internet also offers so many points of interest, websites, blogs, message boards, virtual tours, and social networks.
When Bry and I got engaged, I discoverd the holy grail of wedding planning sites THE KNOT. This site not only offered a plethura of vendor information, but more importantly had various message boards dedicated to such important wedding planning topics as "the dress", "ceremony ideas", and "wedding woes". While all those specialty boards were helpful, I screenname: Notbridezilla (I really was a low key about most of the wedding planning, so a fitting name) found the New Jersey boards. These were other engaged gals planning weddings in the great Garden State. When I first started visiting the board, I lurked. Ocassionally posting a response, but never signing my name. As the countdown on my ticker got closer to wedding day, I began to visit the board more regularly. These girls could answer questions that no one else could answer for me. I learned that ribbon wands were a waste of money, but a basket filled with tampons and mouthwash in the reception venue was a must. I learned that ivory shirts for your groom and groomsmen look dirty in the pictures, and I learned that you could buy the same gown that you found at a speciality shop in Jersey from Pearl's Place in Louisana for significantly less. (I was too chicken to do that!)
Once the wedding was over, and I went through my wedding withdrawl, I noticed that "The Knot" had opened a sister site called "The Nest". I ventured over and saw names that were familiar to me on the "The Knot". Now these former brides were married and looking to start families, buy homes, and unfortuntatly, some were getting divorced. No longer the bride, I changed to Notwifezilla (hence my title) and gradually I became an official NJ Nestie.
Over the past two years, I have actually became friends in real life with many of my online friends. I have shared in their successes and offered advice when they asked of it. I too have shared my own questions, concerns, asked for guidance, support, and on some days clarity. After having Moira, these gals were a lifeline. I am forever thankful for their support.
It was also through The Nest, that I am constantly reminded how very lucky I am to have a healthy, beautiful daughter. I thank God daily for that.
Some of my fellow nesties are dealing with issues far greater then I have ever had to deal. Please take a minute if nothing else to say a little prayer or give a "vibe".

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