Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Hi-Ho, Hi-Ho, to Grandmother's house we go! (Grandpops was there too!)

Bry had a conference to attend so I had the brainstorm to have a sleepover at my parents house on Monday into Tuesday. In theory, it sounds like a good idea. Instead of staying home alone with Mo, I'd go to my parents and let them spoil their favorite (also their only) grandchild.
Our trip started before making it into the car. It's hard to believe how much stuff a nearly eleven month old child needs.
Here is our list: pack and play, bag filled with clothes, diaper bag, bag filled with toys, lunchbox filled with food, & snacks, and bag filled with MY clothes.(We were only gone for 24 hours!) I think the younger the child, the more stuff you end up lugging with you.
I intially was going to write about the whole trip, but really, all the little tidbits aren't too exciting. I'll just sum up the major events in bullet points.
* Even though we were only going to be there overnight, my mom picked up two pints of blueberries, a bag of cheese pieces, and grapes because she knew Mo likes these foods. (We ended up eating none of them there, but took the blueberries home!)
* Great Aunt Mary (who recently was "let go" by the local catholic school where she was a secretary for over 30 years. It was a surprise to her, as she was basically told when she arrived at work one morning, "You're services are no longer needed!" Not very Christian thing to do!) is a pretty good Wii bowler for being over 70 years old!
* My mom find Moira to be the absolute center of the universe and she can do no wrong in her eyes.
* When my mom suggests driving to meet my sister for dinner and says it's not too far, her defintion of "not too far" is about an hour.
* Friendly's still makes good chocolate ice cream with reese's peanut butter cup sundaes.
* Moira likes whipped cream.
* My brother is partially responsible for it taking over an hour for me to get Moira to go to sleep. Uncle Joe-Joe had fun with is favorite Mo-Mo.
* My kid is a loud sleeper and makes way too much noise!
* I should know that sharing a room with Moira will ultimately end up with me sharing the bed with her.
* My dad likes to download music that he thinks Moira will like so that they can dance together.
* Going out to brunch with my dad's mom (Mom-mom L.), my mom,& Mo was a really nice way to spend a Tuesday afternoon.
* Raspberry Melba French Toast = One winning breakfast.
* Moira will steal buttered toast from the table. Be sure to keep it out of arms reach.
* My kid will nap in the car as long as it is running, the minute you take the keys out of the ignition her eyes pop open.
While I enjoyed the time with my parents, seeing my great Aunt Mary, Mom-Mom L, and talking with my brother and sister, I honestly can say there is no place like home!

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