Saturday, February 7, 2009

No! No! Mo-Mo!

It has happened.
We have had to baby proof.
I should have realized that our days of using furniture and larger toys as baby gates where numbered the day she realized she could go under things. She's not quite sure of her own size yet as evident as her attempt to go under her play table.

Being the loving caregiver, I first took two pictures as my poor little girl cried out in frustration before I removed her. She's into everything now! She's figured out how to open the cabinets, she pushes open doors, and I know she's fairly new to the walking thing, but I swear she can run! Usually her escaping is followed with a shout of glee and giggles as either Bry or I chase after her.
We made a little trip to Babies R Us yesterday and bought a new gate. The kitchen is now safe from baby, that is until she figures out how to open it.

We also picked up so cabinet locks. SUCCESS!!

The only thing I realized is that I forgot to get toilet locks. I realized this when I found her rubber duckie floating in the toilet. Thank God we had flushed.

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