Thursday, November 6, 2008

Seven Months

Our girl is 7 months old! I remember thinking on one of those early morning nursing sessions, how different she will be around Thanksgiving. She is so different and yet remains the same. She's pulling herself up...on EVERYTHING and crawling all over the place. She laughs and smiles and has a generally good disposition. She still has that look. That intense, focused look that was present the day she was born. My mom loves to tell the story about the day she was born. When they wheeled out the isolette and she was introduced to Moira in the hallway of the hospital. Mo was sleeping, but then her eyes snapped awake and she just stared at my mom. Her big blue eyes, staring my mom down. My big blued eye baby girl still has that stare. She doesn't miss a thing.
So now, she's seven months old! But,there's five months until she's one. Five months to plan her first birthday party. Five months until April Fool's day. I guess we she survive the holidays first, and then worry about all that other stuff.

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