Monday, November 17, 2008

Pants Off, Dance Off!

Mo is mobile! She cruises around the house, leaning on chairs, coffee tables, tv stands. Frankly, she scares the crap out of Bry and I, though she seems to have mastered the art of falling well. Usually she lands on her bottom.

With that being said, before she became mobile, I would lay out a bunch of her toys on the bathroom floor while I would shower in the morning. She was happy as a clam looking at books or banging her toys together, while I would hop in and out. I had to stop this about 3 weeks ago. Never did I think I would have to write this sentence.
I can no longer place her on the floor of the bathroom because she pulled herself up on the TOILET!

I had to try and come up with a new solution. (I know I could wake up earlier and shower before she wakes up, but seriously??? I'm figuring once I have more than one child that will be my reality. Why not enjoy this now?) Bry was the mastermind of plan B. We have the pack and play set up in the corner of our bedroom. I place Mo in pack and play, turn on Noggin, (I know t.v. is bad for babies, but thank you Nickeloden for coming up with Noggin!), add a few toys and books, and then quick hop in and shower with the door open. I've done this a few times and I'm in and out before Mo freaks out.

The set-up was complete. I dropped in the kid and rushed in the shower. In the mere 7 minutes, my kid somehow figured out how to pull off both socks, and her fleece pants. She was standing in her onesie, grabbing on to the side of the pack and play, bobbing up and down to Jack's Big Music Show!

I hope that the removal of her clothes is not an indication of her future occupation.

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  1. I LOVE that she took her pants off!!!! I've never attempted a shower while they're awake. I'm too afraid of what I'll find! lol


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