Thursday, September 25, 2008

Walnut Revisted

We went to visit Walnut Ave. yesterday, and it wasn't quite as strange as I thought it would be. I always thought I'd be teary or awkward walking back into the building, but it wasn't that strange. I guess part of my brain still hasn't processed that I won't be back teaching this year. I also did not go into my old classroom. Just walking past the door, and seeing someone else standing up front was weird enough.
I did see a bunch of my kiddies from last year. I always seem to have the class of characters! Now even though they're big second graders they still seemed excited to see me and Mo. I even got a few hugs out of the visit. One girl whispered in my ear, "I really miss you". It made me miss it for a moment, but then Mo started crying and I realized that I was where I need to be. Regardless of whether I ever go back to teaching there or not, it will always remain a special place, for me. (and Mo too!)

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