Sunday, September 14, 2008

Beach Blanket Bingo

We have survived our first family vacation!

We spent last week in Wildwood NJ. We rented a lovely, new condo in North Wildwood. Those summers before Mo, our trips down the shore would be quick little weekend jaunts. We'd head down on a Friday after work, stay at Bry's mom's house, and come back on Sunday. We'd have late dinner reservations, like 9 or 9:30 in Cape May. We'd go out to
410 Bank StreetEbbitt Room or The Pier House where we'd wine and dine. Or, if the mood hit us, we'd go to Duffer's for ice cream sundaes at 11 O'Clock or Westy's for beer and burgers. Fast forward to this year. We ordered in, 3 nights- cheese steaks, pizza, and cheese steaks again. (Second time, I ordered a pork sandwich w/provolone & broccoli rabe! YUM!) We did make it out for dinner a few nights. We thought we'd be able to take Mo to Duffer's for sandwiches and the best ice cream sundaes around, but lo and behold, they were closed. We ended up at Westy's. Yes, we took our 5 month old to a bar for dinner, though they do have actual dinners and two highchairs. Granted, they both were broken, so we had to pass the baby between Kathy (my Mother-in-law), Bry, and I.
We did get the chance to dine out just the two of us. Thankfully, Kathy watched Mo on Tuesday night, as I had a reason so I got all dressed up. As Kathy played w/Mo, we went to dinner at the Pier House. Delicious calamari w/3 dipping sauces and out of this world crabcakes. On Thursday, Mo not only had Kathy babysitting but my parents too, who just so happened to be enjoying their own little vacation in Ocean City. I was so excited! Twice in one week I got to dress up! I actually put on a little make-up. We went to one of my most favorite restuarants, 410 Bank Street where I had ceviche (Yes, raw scallops w/lime, cilantro, tomatoes, and avacados) and the most delicious divine catfish w/tomatoes and bananas. Not a typo- tomatoes and bananas! Seriously, they work together! Our conversations in the past focused on our future- and a lot of what if's. Now, as parents, most of our conversation revolved around Mo. I mean, she really is THAT awesome.
Our beach trips in the pastwould include the following items: towel, book, and wait...that's it. We'd leisurely read our books and sun ourselves for a few hours. I, of course would have my SPF 15 on, while Bry would forget that he's not a local anymore and fry himself as crisp as a lobster.

This year our bag was far heavier. Besides the obvious...BABY, we brought a blanket, 3 towels, chair, 2 plastic toys, extra swim diaper,(remind me later to tell you the swim diaper story!), sunscreen, hat, camera. I am so grateful our rental was only steps away from the beach, because it could have been dangerous attempting to balance said items & child! She tolerated the beach. We also were lucky enough to have a pool in the condo unit. She is defintely my baby! She loved the water.

Overall, our vacation was a success! Moira slept well. That's actually an understatement. She now sleeps through the night- no more 5:30 am feedings! I kept telling Bry that next year will be crazy because she'll be running around and getting into everything. This year, though, was great! While our trips to the beach will never be as simple as they were for those years before Mo, I know we'll never have as much as we will with her.


  1. Ah how times have changed! She's so cute in that first pic in her little bathing suit!
    We missed going out to our favorite places too. (LOVE 410 Bank St) And our beach stuff sounded like your list! lol
    That's great you were able to out for a date night though. Sounds like a fun trip. :-)

  2. Ahhh, yes, running around and all over the place.
    Kaiden is definitely well on his way in this area. He is everywhere.
    Glad to hear that you had a good vay-cay. Does a body good!


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