Tuesday, September 2, 2008

I Am Thirty!

Can you believe it? I am 30 years old today. Bye-bye twentysomething, hello 30! WOW!
Of course, now that it's my birthday I was thinking about what I did this time last year. I was only about 9 weeks pregnant, and trying to figure out how to tell my principal. My mom was still keeping it a secret, which I know killed her, and I was preparing to take two classes at Rutgers, supervise a student teacher, and teach first grade.
This year, I spent my birthday at "Mommy and Me" class this morning, and then a quick trip to BJ's for more diapers and baby wipes. What a difference a year makes!
I do have give Bryan his due. He did plan a lovely surprise dinner for me on Saturday night. I thought we were having a quiet dinner with Lynsay and Steve, but to my surprise, there were four other couples who came from all parts of the Garden State & Baltimore to celebrate! We had a fabulous meal and great conversation. I am so lucky!


  1. Happy belated. Crazy to think that we are actually 30? Although, being married and having a kid kind of makes it easier to accept. I guess that's where I feel I should be at 30.

  2. we had a BLAST at dinner. even when we had to run upstairs to get out of the downpour. love you


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