Friday, September 19, 2008

Houston, we have a problem!

Today was a busy day! Not only did Mo and I shop til we dropped with Grandma, Aunt Ash, Aiden, & Mrs. K, but Mo decided today would be the day that she learned how to pull herself up!

Can you believe it? We were able to catch her first real pull up on tape!

We had a fabulous time shopping at Philadelphia Premium Outlets. Technically, they aren't in Philly, they're located in Limerick. Anyway, we spent the day shopping and bought lots of cute stuff. Mostly for our kiddies of course. I love the fact that Mo will wear hats. I got her three! I did pick out a few things for myself too.
Last yeat, we decided to go on opening day. I think only half of the stores were open, parking was ridiculous, and since it was the first weekend in November it was chilly. I was a few months prego, and Aiden was still just a little guy. This year, what a different story! As our little crew walked into Carter's, or Baby Gap, or Osh Gosh, it was amusing. Mom, Mo, and I went one way, while Mrs. K, Ash, & Aiden went the other. On multiple occasions, we would hear Aiden's little voice calling out "Mo-mo?". Too cute! We then would meet up in the middle to pay. What do you expect when stores have boys things on one side, and girls on the other?
We plan to make this a bi-annual event. We figure the kiddies need new clothes for the winter and summer!
Aiden also enjoyed some time riding his horsie and was all smiles.
Mo, meanwhile, was exhausted by the end of the day! Shopping can wear you out!

She did recover enough on the ride home to practice her pulling herself up.
Later, we brought out a new toy, and she decided to practice her standing too.
Look Mom, no hands!

What a day!


  1. It's all downhill from there.
    Kaiden just started to walk behind his push truck thingy. Oh, boy!
    Fun times!!!!

  2. we DID have a blast. i can't wait for our next shop til you drop outing in the spring =) aiden loved spending the day with mo-mo, his aunt jac and "aunt" joanne.


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