Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Yes, My blog is now pink!

In honor of my daughter, I have decided to give in to the "girlie girl" and make the site pink. This is mainly because being an infant she is often mistaken for a boy and so now there's no denying she is a she! Also, she's chubbed up a bit, so it is a little harder to tell. I guess I don't help when I sometimes take her out wearing green or yellow. There are so many nice people out there who don't want to offend me and will say something like "your baby is so cute. what is your baby's name?" Notice how they don't use pronouns!Then there are those upfront people who will just downright ask, "Is it a boy or a girl?" Part of me wants to make them guess or say something like "You can't tell what Jamie (Pat or Cameron or some other gender neutral name) is?" and then fake cry. But, alas, I'm too nice. I always feel self conscious and make a mental note to dress her in pink or purple the next time we go out, as I say "SHE's a Girl." Don't get me started on trying to get strangers to say her name correctly.
My mom asked when she could take Moira to get her ears pierced. I laughed and said she was too young. My mom hestiantly laughed too and said she was joking. Honestly, I think she wants to make sure that Moira is not mistaken for a boy anymore. Bring out the bows and ruffled panties! (GAG!)

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