Thursday, June 5, 2008

Vaccines and Cribs!

Moira had her 2 month appointment yesterday and boy has she grown. She's in the 77% for both her length and weight. She's already 23 1/8 in long and weighs 11 lbs. 15oz. She is defintely our child, and I can safely say that breastfeeding is working. Unfortunately, doctor's visits that first year of life pretty much consistently are comprised of being weighed, measured, and then poked! Moira had 5 shots and one oral vaccine. She held it together fairly well. Here is a recap- oral vaccine first. She sucks that down like there's no tomorrow. Next, the nurse turns Mo so that her body is lying across the examination table w/her legs hanging off. She braces her legs with her body as I take her hand. Poke-scream-suck pacifier repeat 4 more times. After five shots and three band-aids on her leg, she crashed and fell asleep in my mom's arms. Yes, my mom was there. Bry had to work and there was no way I was going to handle it all myself. I held Mo, my mommmy held me!

After the exam and shots, we met with the doc in his office. After answering a few questions, he asked about her sleeping patterns. I personally was quite proud that she had been sleeping for 4-4 1/2 hour stretches. I thought that was good. I knew my answer was crap, when he asked where she slept. After I said, with my head hanging down, that she still slept in our room in the pack and play. He asked why? Should I be honest, or lie. The good mother lie: I cannot fathom sleeping so far away from my child. I love having her so close. I'm scared to think she'd be all alone in her room in her crib. (Not my reason!) My real reason: She's close! In the middle of the night when she wakes up to nurse I only have to walk 5 steps pick her up and nurse, instead of walking out and into the next room. Yes....I am Lazy.

After confessing this, the doc explained that Mo and my sleeping patterns were becoming synchronized. That's why I seem to wake up exactly at same time as she. I also might be picking her up too soon, when she is in a light sleeping stage, mistaking it for awake/hunger. On top of that, he also mentioned that everytime we turn around in bed or make noises (Bryan's SNORING for example) could interrupt her sleep. Basically, he said that if we put her in the crib, she'll most likely sleep longer. Again, he said it was obviously up to me. After telling Bry this, we decided to try the crib and you want to know what.....She slept .....for exactly the same amount of time that she does in the pack and play! Perhaps, tonight she'll sleep longer! Oh well!

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