Sunday, June 29, 2008

New Toys!

Moira has been nosy since birth. Seriously all parents think their kid's gifted. While Bry and I realize she hasn't done too much to show us that she's hyper-intelligent, we do both agree that she is one strong little girl. From the time she was born, she has had really good neck control and never was that "helpless" little baby. See photo. Notice how she is already stretching her neck w/Bry. Anyway, she seems bored with the regular routine of playmat, swing, and being held so we attempted to find something to assist her. (Confession here: I'm not 100% sure if all the boredom was on her part. I personally was getting sick of the same 2 toys too!) After seeking guidance from my online friends on the nest, it was recommended we purchase the Rainforest jumperoo. I commend these nesties as it has been a hit in our household, grant it it is one ugly piece of equipment, however Mo LOVES it!
Now, I also must admit, Bry and I are doing some bad parenting here. The box suggests this item for "children 4 months and up", and Mo is turning 3 months on Tuesday. Bad Mommy! She becomes entraced with the lights and animal sounds. Yes, it plays music and makes annoying elephant, monkey, and bird noises. Luckily, there are two volumes, so I can still watch and hear my t.v. while she plays along.

In addition to the jumperoo, I was given some other good advice by another nestie. As those with infants know, attempting to eat a meal with your spouse at the table together is generally impossible, unless you wait until baby is asleep. In our home that would mean dinner would be after 10. I don't think my stomach could handle dinner that late. Since she's been born, we've taken "dinner shifts". I eat while he holds her, then he eats while I hold her. I was enlightened with the suggestion to use the high chair. Mo is no way ready for solids, however we strapped her in last night and lo and behold after initally protesting and screaming, she sat and played for 20 minutes or so. Thus, Bry and I were able to eat together! I think maybe the beer and the bread helped!

Before I end this note, shout out to Casey in Taiwan! Uncle Case- MoMo can't wait to meet you.

Oh yeah, if anyone does read this blog, feel free to write me a response. I enjoy all your sarcastic and sometimes witty comments, as well as reminders of the adorableness (is that a word?!?) of my kid!

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