Tuesday, June 3, 2008

New Job Title: Full Time Mommy

I gave my letter to Cranford on Thursday. This September 2, while all the teachers of Cranford will convene with the new superintendent, I will celebrate my 30th birthday at home....with Moira. I am now a Stay-at-Home Mom. This will be the first time since I was five that I will not be going back to school in September. It's so strange to think like that. My calendar will not be marked with Open House and Fall Conferences, but now it will be doctor's appointments and playdates and hopefully lots of lunches with friends. I won't lie, I'm a little nervous about this new venture. I've always been the type of person to be doing a lot of different things at once. Grad school, teaching, commuting, coaching...now it's only one job- mom. From what I have heard, it's the hardest job around though.

We went to visit School last week. Of course, everyone loved her! I mean seriously, how can you not? It was funny though, because as we got there the Kindergarten classes were being dismissed. A couple of the kids came over to look at Mo in the stroller. At least 4 of the them commented on her hemangioma. It was hysterical as one little girl said very frankly, "Hey! Do ya know she's got sumpthin on her head?" When I told her, "yes. It's a birthmark." She replied, "cool. My cousin's got a birthmark too. Is that a binky? My brother has a binky but we call it a binkydoo. Bye!" And she was off to talk to her friend. Gotta love 6 year old attention spans!

Moira is two months old and it's strange. It seems like forever ago that I was teaching and pregnant, but in the same breath I remember being in the hosptial like it was yesterday. Tomorrow, we go to the doctors for her 2 month appointment. My mom is coming with me since I don't think I could handle her getting her shots all alone. I know she's going to go into full on DIVA mode and SCREAM her head off. As you know I've got a set of lungs, so you can only imagine what my child sounds like. Wish me luck!

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