Saturday, December 1, 2007

"Everything looks perfect"

Those were the words the doctor uttered after looking at all the frames from the ultrasound. Our baby is developing fine. We're only a few weeks away from "viability" and it's really starting to feel more real. I have started to feel on a regular basis this kid kicking me. Speaking of kicking, let me mention this child's measurements thus far. The head, stomach, etc.. all measured about 21 to 22 weeks. Exactly where I am, that is until the tech got to measuring the leg bones. Surprise- 24wk. 4 days! We thought that was long,until the tech measured the arms- 25 wks. I think we can safely assume that is going to be one long baby! At the end of the session the tech punched in all the numbers and gave us an estimation as to how much the baby weighs at 21 weeks. Typically babies are about 3/4 of a pound. Not our little porker! All ready, they're saying it's 1 1/4 pounds! I should also mention that's with me being on lovanox- a blood thinner whose only side effect is low birth weight! What does that mean- can you imagine how big this kid would be if I wasn't on the blood thinner?!?
With each week, I'm getting more and more excited. Before we know it, April will be here and we'll know whether it's a boy or a girl. Until then, it's orange, and green, and yellow!

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