Sunday, December 30, 2007

From zero to 60 in no time flat...

That's how quickly our office/ guest bedroom has been transformed into a nursery! We made the trek from Jersey to Delaware yesterday, since it is the home of tax free shopping. Our mission: to find a crib and dresser in our price range that matches my ever picky tastes. My sister mentioned a children's furniture store. After checking the website, and Bryan mapquesting directions we were off! The trip is relatively easy, unless you decide to try and circumvent the traffic right over the Delaware Memorial Bridge, like we did. After driving through some of the more "colorful" areas of Wilmington we somehow found a round that was actually on the mapquest map. After a few more turns, ta-dah Closic's Children's Furniture! I get nervous walking into these places. Suddenly I feel like I'm a little kid, when in fact I have an opinion of what I like and even more of an opinion of what I don't. They were great there! We gave them our ballpark and we were able to spend less without them trying to sell us more crap than we need. So here's our crib and dresser: Imagine them both in white!

From Closic's we took a bit of a detour. Friendly's was calling! Who doesn't love Reese's Peanut Butter cup sundaes?? We then attempted to surprise my parents and family friends as my mom was housesitting in PA, but that didn't quite go over as well as anticipated so somehow about 2 hours later we're on the way back home. That is until we saw IKEA on the side of the road! Backstory a bit: Bryan HATES Ikea. He hates the idea that people go into the store and actually purchase entire rooms from rug to couch to picture frames. So, as I suggest IKEA for a new single bed, I thought he'd laugh. Yesterday, he had a change of heart. He saw IKEA as I do- a great place to purchase inexpensive furniture that requires some sweat and an allen wrench but overall worth the cheap price. We did the grand tour, as is the only way to shop IKEA. After dancing with the notion of purchasing another metal daybed because it was only $59, we settled on this. Not too bad right, for under $200. While the bed isn't too snazzy, the storage underneath is sick! Really I think the baby's entire wardrobe can fit in the deep drawers. If my crafty side comes in play, I may even paint the wood orange or green to match the bedding! Of course that wasn't the only thing we bought. We have a snazzy new desk lamp that's about the size of a bottle of soda shining on the computer. Plus new wooden hangers, 6 lightbulbs, a red circular rug for the kitchen, and we found a blue elephant for the baby! Now, it's time for Bryan to whip out the allen wrench and attempt to assesmble this bed, because the boxes really clash with the Christmas decor in the family room!

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