Monday, December 17, 2007

Can you believe viability is only 3 days away?

I mentioned to Bryan that my doc sister has a 24 wk. preemie in the NICU that she sucessfully intubated. It was as I was saying this that I realized, Wednesday we are 24 weeks. Baby could come and survive and while I told Bryan I found it exciting, inside I could not wrap my mind around it. Bryan, meanwhile, went into an immediate panic. Making another list of what we need, complaining that my shower location is not booked, barking at me to set up a tour of the hospital, as well as enrolling in baby readiness class.
This pregnancy has been a dream thus far. Really, besides my huge boobs and ever growing stomach, nothing else really has changed. In the first trimester, I kept waiting for the morning sickness to come. Days turned into weeks turned into nothing! It was also during that time that I was sure I would miscarry. I remember thinking to myself, "now don't get too excited, you could loose it any day". Just like the morning sickness, that day never came. No extreme tiredness, no moodiness, no crazy cravings- everything has been good. While I normally consider myself an optimistic, I still think something is going to hit me. I keep knocking on wood. My mom said that the healthiest she ever felt in her life was during her 3 pregnancies. I'm guessing I'm following her lead. Hopefully my labor will be short like hers too!

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