Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Simple Things...

Before my eyes can open for the morning, I hear the footsteps and the creak of the door open. Into our room she creeps, Jessie in one hand and panties in the other.
I grab her, as she tosses the panties onto the makeshift nightstand. Up and into the bed she goes.
"What we doing today Mama?" she asks, as her thumb finds it's way into her mouth.
Soft blue eyes look to me, waiting for the response.
"Close your eyes for a moment and cuddle in" I say, as I pull her little body closer, the sheet under her chin.
Her father asleep next to me, unaware of anything. He sleeps soundly.
"But mama, what we doing today?" she asks again.
The promise of more sleep dissipates as her sister stirs. Her babble audible through her closed door.
"Shiny*!" she squeals as she throws the covers off her body, hopping onto the hardwood floor. Jessie is left lying on my bed, as she heads to meet her baby sister.
The door is pushed open.
"Shiny Baby!" she sings, "How are you Maevie? How did you sleep, my baby?"
Her chubby hands are grabbing the top of the crib rails, as her body bobs up and down with excitement. She takes the blue pacifier from her mouth, placing it into her hand, and in her new found voice looks to her big sister and says "Mo-Mo!". Two steps behind, I emerge in the doorway. My hands run throw my disheveled hair, as I adjust the waistband of my shorts, and watch the exchange.

Mo spies me as Maeve hands the pacifier to her bigger sister.
"Mama, she said Mo-Mo!" she says, as she hands me the pacifier. She races back to the side of the crib, and grabs her sisters fingers through the slat. "I so proud of you Shiny! You said Mo-Mo!".
Together they smile and start laughing. I stand as an observer as my girls continue laughing.

Soon I find the giggles are contagious as I am laughing too.
"What's going on?" I hear from behind me.
"Da" she says, looking to her father in the doorway, freshly waken from sounds of laughter.
"Daddy, Maevie said dad and Mo-Mo!" she explains. "She talking!"
I take a moment to remember this perfect moment.
The simple things…

*Shiny = nickname for Maeve, derived from former nickname of Sunshine, Given by Mo, In addition can be shortened to Shine

Mama’s Losin’ It


  1. This post TUGS at my heart! Love that Mo was involved in these "firsts." So sweet. :)

    Visiting from Mama Kat's.

  2. Oh my goodness...this melts my heart. I love that her nickname is precious. Your girls sound amazing, they'll be the best of friends :)

  3. This post is just so beautifully sweet!! I love it and I love her nickname...shiny!

  4. Beautiful! What a beautiful moment...I love your writing. It always makes me feel like I'm right there with you, experiencing the joy.

    And I adore that nickname!


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