Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Rockin' the Baby

With my first delivery, after waiting nearly 10 hours a little someone decided the whole birthing process wasn't for them, and so an emergency c-section was performed. The entire process was a whirlwind, but in the end, she was there, practically perfect in every way.

Moira, minutes old and already needing her voice to be heard!
With delivery two I had had a repeat c-section scheduled for Friday. A different little someone decided Wednesday would be better. Since baby and mommy were tolerating labor okay, I waited (and waited and waited) for an operating room. Laboring for four hours strapped flat to a hospital bed and monitors without any pain medicine, were not my best hours. Finally, late in that evening Maeve was born.

Maeve in her daddy's arms
The H1N1 outbreak during the winter of 2009-2010, made hospitals around the country modify their visitor protocol. Unfortunately, children under the age of 12 were prohibited from visiting, thus Mo could not come to the hospital during our entire stay. At the time I was devastated, however it truly was magical those first minutes they met that winter day at our home. It never really occurred to me how little Mo was when Maeve was born until I look back now.


I had joined Shell in her link up for "Rockin' the Bump" and thought it was only appropriate I followed up with baby shots. Seriously, who doesn't love newborn photos? Join in too!


  1. My daughter was born early on during the H1N1 outbreak as well- in May 09. I remember all of the issues related to visitors. We spent that entire summer at home because of my anxiety about that flu!
    Your girls are so sweet. Love their names.

  2. Love these "fresh out of the womb" pictures. So sweet!

  3. So cute!

    I thought the same about mine- I look back at my "big" kids in the pics with the babies... and realize they were still so little themselves!

  4. What great shots! Yes, my twins were newborns during the H1N1 fiasco so we didn't leave the house much that fall.


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