Friday, July 15, 2011

The Net

In our backyard, we have a soccer net.
A gift from my sister for Mo this past Christmas.
Bry discovered the box in our basement a few weeks ago, and put the pieces together.
Glee as she kicked the ball into the net.
"Gooooooooaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaallll!" her little sister would yell, raising her arms into the air.
Soccer is a passion in our house and the net helped to make play more realistic.
Then yesterday I happened to look out the window in our kitchen. We have bunnies in our backyard. Normally, there are three who hop around, looking for fresh grass to gnaw.
At the sound of our back door opening, they usually perk up, look to us, and continue to eat.
Comfortable, I assume with our presence.
It was different though.
While two were hopping, I noticed the soccer net had fallen.
What was that in the netting?
It couldn't be?
Could it?
I wondered silently while they girls sat watching Nick Jr., still waking from their nap time fog.
After delivering juice cups and a perky message that I had to check something outside, I left.
Nervous of what I would discover.
As I walked across the grass, the two bunnies eating, lifted their heads for a moment, and then as if they were gesturing hopped towards their friend.
There it was, mangled in the net. Fur on the grass as it pedaled its feet attempting to free itself.
Poor thing.
I walked closer and reached down.
At first it threw it's body side to side, only tightening the netting.
My hands touched it's small abdomen, as I could feel it's heart beating rapidly.
It stopped flailing as I worked to remove the net.
My hands trembled as I got to its little face and ears.
It was free, but injured.
The fur above its left leg was gone, leaving an open sore.
It looked to me, then hopped away.
I picked up the net.
A hole the size of a basketball, the net stained with the poor animal's blood, and my hands shaking a little, I repositioned the net, then walked into the house.
"Mama," she said, "Dino Dan is on!"
"Wow!" I replied thinking of that little bunny.
This morning I noticed two rabbits in the backyard. I'm still searching for the third, for some proof of life.


  1. Oh, that's so sad. You are very brave for helping that poor little bunny.

  2. It's a little bit heartbreaking to think of something as helpless as a bunny all stuck in an evil soccer net. You are a bunny savior of sorts.

  3. Poor little rabbit. I hope that it heals and does just fine.


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