Sunday, March 6, 2011

A Rainy Sunday Afternoon

What to do on a rainy Sunday?

Our joint New Year's resolution has been to start attending Mass at the local Catholic church. So far, it's the ninth Sunday of the year and we have made it four times. Not great, but far better then the amount of times we attended Mass in the past few years!
This Sunday we did not make it to mass, as we were out late shopping at IKEA. With our tax refund check, (Yeah, for having a kid in 2010!) we are finally putting the finishing touches on our third floor playroom. Currently it has a desk where the laptop is suppose to sit, chair for said desk, filing cabinet, book shelf, and tons of toys! Yesterday we purchased this sofa in green:

Since we live in an older home, the stairways are quite steep and in turn, make it difficult to bring large pieces of furniture up. It was taxing bringing up our bedroom furniture to the second floor, so one can imagine the dilemma wf having another steep staircase to tackle with a couch. IKEA was our best option, as it's build to suit.
We paid the extra money to have them deliver it on Monday. Imagine my surprise this morning when there was a knock at the door at around 10:40. There I am in my pajamas, holding Maeve to find movers. Apparently IKEA delivers on Sundays.
Who knew?
As I rushed to find Bry, he spoke to the movers while I ushered the girls up the stairs and into our bedroom to stay out of the way. In less the ten minutes, two large boxes and a small box filled with green slipcovers were safely residing in our guest bedroom hopefully to be assembled sometime this week.
The rest of the day has been relaxing.
I will confess, as I type this I am still in my pajamas as is Maeve. Mo unfortunately had a run-in with her cereal bowl this morning, so instead of pajamas she's currently wearing a Phillies t-shirt with pink leopard print leggings as she watches an unhealthy amount of television.

After enjoying a late breakfast of eggs, bagels, & bacon & scrapple which we picked up from one of the Amish vendors yesterday at the Reading Terminal Market.
We have been grazing on cheeses, French ham, & baguette. YUM!

As I type, Bry is upstairs fighting the battle of the Allen wrench as he attempts to assemble a large unit for the playroom. If all goes well, I foresee a lovely child-friendly retreat in our new future just a staircase away!
Until then, our living room remains kiddie central!

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