Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Down for the count

A stomach bug has been floating around and I thought we were safe.
Apparently not, as all four of us succumbed within four hours of each other. It was bad, really bad. I will spare the gruesome details in terms of illness, but will share the casualities.

One Master Bedroom Pillow Sham, One full size quilt, two pairs of twin sheets, one crib bunting, one crib sheet, two stuffed animals, three pairs of pajamas, two baths at strange times, two and half hours of Nick Jr. from 1-3:30 in the morning on the couch with Mo next to the bucket, and five loads of laundry later, we survived.
I honestly do not wish this on anyone, as it was horrible!
There was an upside to this. I had made chicken noodle soup from scratch on Friday and luckily that was in the fridge. I swear there is something healing in homemade soup as it was the first thing both Bry and I could keep down yesterday.
Here's hoping we stay healthy from this day on!

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  1. its spread over the pond cuz blaise had it two days ago and now i have its been ugly for sure


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