Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Mo is so much fun!

Don't get me wrong. I completely am head over heels in love with Maeve

and think she is the most adorable thing next to her sister, but Mo, my God, she is a ball!
Getting to see the world from the perspective of a two year old is quite a fun time. No two days, wait, two minutes are the same and that goes for mood. She has gotten quite the attitude and even though she knows a plethora of words, "No" remains her favorite. She is also quite the demanding personality. Telling people exactly how she feels or what she wants. She'll tell my dad "Pop, SIT!" and down on the couch he'll go, or "Dad, Juice" and off to fill the cup Bry runs. Damn straight, people listen. I mean, how else do you respond to a two foot high dictator?
What makes me laugh the most, however is her expanding repertoire of phrases.

The Top Ten Phrases Mo makes on any given day

10. "OOOOH, Sis"
Hey Maeve! How are you? How was your sleep? Did you have a good night/ or nap?

9. "Max", "Jack", "Wiggs", or "Kai-lan"
Get the remote and put on Max and Ruby , Jack's Big Music Show, Wiggles, or Ni-Hao Kai-Lan ASAP.

8. "Oh Dear!"
Mo's version of F--K!

7. "Shoot, Score!"
Time to cheer on the Flyers. Hopefully they win as I can't handle the excitement.

6. "Bath...u-huh!"
Mom, did you see my nails? They are so dirty I need a freaking bath. Bathe me please!

5. "Pig Head"
It's time for you to sing mom. You know the song, Pig on the Head from Laurie Berkner. When I tell you to sing, I expect you to sing, and sing loud!

4. "Ice, red, Okay?"
I want some water ice. Preferably strawberry or cherry and I want it now. If I don't get the ice, there's no way I'll sit in the stroller and the walk you want to take mom will be in the toilet. So break out that $1.75 and get ready!

3. "Marsh"
Miss Marcia - music teacher extraordinaire and role model to one Mo!

2. "Ahh, Pops"
My favorite person besides myself. I love Pops and love to play with him, mainly because he acts just like a kid like me!

1. "BEANS!"
Give me Jelly Belly jellybeans and I will do anything...ANYTHING! I'll eat peas, I'll let my mom do my pigtails again, I'll come inside, I won't, however pee or poop on the potty. Even my beloved jellybeans won't motivate me to do that yet.

Even though there are moments where I feel like I want to toss her out the window, I am having such a fabulous time raising this really cool kid!

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