Monday, June 28, 2010

The Heat is On!

We may be the only house in the greater Philadelphia area without air conditioning.
Things have been bearable thus far this summer, mainly because we have awesome, kick ass ceiling fans.
That is until last night.
How hot was it?
So hot that Bry and I slept in separate rooms, so that we didn't have to touch.
It was so hot that Mo thought it was time to wake up for the day at... 4:50 am.
Apparently to a two year old, the pink rising skyline is code for day to begin. We kept her curtains open to hopefully let in a little breeze if any. In doing that the morning sunrise woke her up for the day. She called out "MOMMMMMEEEEE!", to which I walked, okay stammered into her room, told her in the nicest voice, "it's still sleepy time" and fell back onto the air mattress. Not five minutes later, I hear Bry, "Jac, Mo's wide awake and I think Maeve's up too".
Sure enough, I look at the clock, 5:14 am and everyone is awake. I hesitate to write "wide awake" seeing that both Bry and I were basically zombies.
As I nurse Maeve, Bry heads downstairs with the surprisingly chipper Mo to start her day. In this early morning haze, I realize that since Mo is up, unfortunately, I too am up. CRAP!
I guess the heat was too much for Mo.
Maeve, however, nursed and was back asleep in less then 45 minutes and then slept until after 8:30.
I too should have been still asleep.

Instead I stammered down the stairs and sent Bry back to bed for a few more minutes of shut eye. Mo danced in front of me asking for Mickey Mouse Clubhouse...which doesn't start until 7, not 5:45!
Thank God for On Demand, because I'll admit it, the t.v. served as babysitter while I took a 20 minute nap during an episode of Max & Ruby and then another 15 minute nap during Ni-Hao Kai Lan.
I think it was 7:30 when Bry came back down.
He too had succumbed to the heat and was up for the day. We then decided that we (Mo, Maeve, and I) would be heading to my parents house for a sleepover and so this is where I write.
Now, Bry suffers alone tonight in our sweat house, while I type away in the basement, listening to the Phillies post-game show in air conditioning! Thanks, Mom & Dad.
It's only June, so I think there may be a few more sleepovers for the girls and I at Gram & Pop's house before fall starts on September 22!

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