Saturday, June 26, 2010

Sometimes, being a grown up sucks!

Bryan's grandmother passed away early this morning and so now, we wait.
We got a call yesterday that his grandfather couldn't wake her up in the morning. They moved her to the hospital where she never regained consciousness. In essence, she fell asleep and was gone.
Sometimes, I believe in divine intervention.
This past Saturday, we were invited to a first birthday for Bry's cousin's son. The girls were a little under the weather and the forecast was for extreme heat. Bry didn't want to go, but for some reason I pushed for us to go. We sat with the girls, his grandparents, a few cousins, aunts, and uncles for a while. Mo and Maeve got to see their great grandmom one last time. She was happy and smiling and making jokes about melting in the heat.
So, now we have to get ready to say goodbye. I am unsure how much Mo will ever really remember if anything about Great Grandmom Mc, but at least I have these great photos from February.

Our girls now have one more guardian angel watching over them.
God Bless you great grandmom!

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