Friday, February 22, 2008

What difference a week makes!

Bryan is 30, our crib is in and did I mention our baby is a MOOSE! After a relaxing (okay 2 out of 3 days) trip to Atlantic City and no real $$ losses at the casino, I had an appointment on Monday afternoon w/the OB. Long story short, we told the doc about the ultrasound with the high risk OB as she was measuring my belly. As she wrote in my file, she agreed. The kid is HUGE, and then she said...very relaxed mind you..."Yup. Your baby is a moose!" So, the baby formerly known as "chubbster" is now "moose". I wonder if we're setting up our child for a lifetime of issues with self-image? OH WELL! Don't worry. I had someone comment that our OB has poor bedside manner. I actually think quite the opposite. She knows what nuts Bry and I are, and so felt comfortable joking with us!

The serious stuff now. For some reason I am paranoid that I am going to go into labor early and still be on the lovanox. This is a problem because it takes anywhere from 24-36 hours for the lovanox to completely exit my system, which would mean there would only be two options for delivery. 1- Completely drug free birth. Now I know women have been having babies forever, and some ladies would simply squat in the field and pop out their baby after working all day in the sun. Yeah, I get it, but I want options!!!! If they would try to give me an epidural there is a chance for my "thinned" blood to leak into my spinal column, thereby causing paralysis. Hello? like to walk. Knowing that there would be no option for an epidural scared me to death....almost until I heard option 2. 2- Completely knocked out w/tube down my throat, while Bryan waits in the hall as they do a c-section. Yeah, I thought natural childbirth was bad until I heard this.

Needless to say, I asked for other options. It looks like starting 36 weeks I will make the change from lovanox to heprin. Instead of shooting myself 1 x per time, I'll have to do it twice. Plus, the syringes are not pre-filled so I'll have to figure out to fill them too. Heprin exits the system within 12 hours, which means if I stop the meds as soon I feel the beginning of contractions, I should be able to have the option of an epidural! YEAH!

There is still talk about scheduling an induction around 38 weeks for two reasons. 1- My health and 2 because the size of the Moose. We'll find out more at our 35 week appointment.

I still squeezed into a regular college desk this past Wednesday. I wasn't pretty! The kid kept kicking me throughout the entire 2 1/2hrs. I guess next class I'll have to cave in and sit in different chair and desk. I guess college campuses are not really expected huge ass pregos to be sitting in classrooms.

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