Friday, February 15, 2008

The last hurrah!

Bry turns 30, yes 30 on Monday and because I am such an awesome wife I planned a little trip to Atlantic City for this weekend. Yes, I will be that huge ass pregnant lady watching her husband roll the dice in craps. Hopefully he wins me some really needs a new pair of shoes...and a crib....and a stroller... and a car seat!

This probably will be the last time the two of us can go away. Chubbster will be here before we know it and weekend trips to Atlantic City will be out the question. I hope I don't turn into "no fun Jackie", and actually enjoy the entire trip. I do have a prenatal massage to look forward to on Sunday...AAAHHH! I can't wait to have someone rub my back. I really need it. Hopefully Bryan enjoys his massage too. (Honestly, do I really care if he likes or not, just as long as I'm comfortable. HA!)

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