Sunday, January 27, 2008

Yet one more reason why I love my husband...

To say that this pregnancy was a surprise was an understatement. I mean, really who gets pregnant less than a year after nearly succumbing to a blood clot, and spending the year on class X medication?? Who gets knocked up that easy? ME! I kept telling Bry that it would take some time. I mean so many friends and online friends have told me story after story about waiting and charting and so I expected it to take few months. Not less than one.
The reason I write this is because from the very earliest conversation about "oh shit, I'm late, we might be pregnant!", Bry has been a dream. His humor has kept me sane and calm, even thought I know deep down he's freaking out. I guess that's one of the reason why human gestation is 9 months. It takes that long for it to really sink in, and get quasi-comfortable with the idea of becoming a parent.
While there are many reasons why I love my husband, this newest reason only adds to it. While I could comment on the mom to be spa day he got me for Christmas that includes facial, massage, and both mani & pedi, or the comments he makes daily about how beautiful I am (Even in a t-shirt, and sweatpants). My newest reason may sound silly, but I love how involved he is in picking out things for the baby. I'm not just talking an Eagles onsie or responding "sure Jac, whatever" when I ask for his opinion. He actually cares! With that Baby Bargains book by his side, he has been the King of our Babies R Us registry. He's checked and updated it more than me! He was the one that told me the orange (yes... orange) stroller and carseat I loved had been discontinued, but not to worry because he added a green polka dot one that he knew I would love just as much. He found the cool retro looking high chair. He even added more crib sheets, because he wanted to make sure there were enough.
I love this man and I know he's going to make a great daddy.

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