Monday, January 14, 2008

How Golden were those Globes this year??

I may be the only person who actually enjoyed the Golden Globes this year. I am a pop culture WHORE! Really, I know way too much about celebrities and Hollywood and watch award season with eagle eye year after year. I guess I get it from my mom. I remember from as long as I can Entertainment Tonight being on in the early evening. I'll admit it, because we live between NYC and Philly we get both sets of channels. Do you know what that means? In 30 minutes I can watch Access Hollywood, Extra!, Entertainment Tonight, and the Insider! I just flick back and forth and I get my entire fill in 30. Okay, so not my entire fill. I check out Perez, TMZ, and People dot com daily sometimes more than once. I should clarify that my pop culture interest does not stop with celebrities. I am a sports nut too, and I also read sometimes, actual books not just Entertainment Weekly. (Yes, we get that magazine and I eagerly come home on Friday to read it!) .
So back to the Globes, though I admit I miss the pre-show Melissa and Joan Rivers interviews and the gorgeous and sometimes hideous fashion ensembles. I would have loved to see what Johnny Depp would have worn this year! I'm thinking he may have just worn a something he swiped from Sweeny Todd set. I bet Amy Adams, Kiera Knightly, and Ellen Paige would have looked ethereal in flowing frocks. Lord knows who would have been on the best dressed list...Angelina is always up there. But alas, no red carpet and so no pretty dresses. But as we lost the dresses, we also lost the dumb ass speeches. Really people who win, do you even know one member of the Hollywood Foreign Press who voted for you? Do you really remember those "little people" who helped to get you to the award? I especially am glad not to listen to those speeches from the "people who didn't think they had a chance to win, but really they knew they were going to win, and so they kept a little speech written in their pocket just in case, but again, they don't think they have a chance to win"_UGH!
Instead, I choose to watch Ryan Seacrest and Guilana (I married the Apprentice) give something resembling a commentary, announce the nominees, and then without much fanfare, announce the winners. No acceptance speeches, no political stances, no awkward situations were the band plays before the speaker is finished. Just winner and congrats! I almost forgot the best part, in only 1 hour-----60 minutes---the entire lot was given! BRILLANT!
My only regret is offering apologies to Steven Spielberg. He's now going to have to wait until next year to get the Cecil B. DeMille award. Honestly Steve, thanks for taking it for the team.

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