Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Where does the time go?

My due date is exactly 3 months from today. On April 9, I am due to deliver a child! I honestly cannot believe it. The time has honestly flown by.
On Friday, I met with the hematologist for another follow-up. He had taken a bunch of blood in October to test and make sure that all my clotting levels and the like were normal. I got to my appointment about 20 minutes early. At exactly 1:15, the nurse took me back and drew some more blood. She took my blood pressure, and then weighed me. She showed me to the room and asked me which specialist I was seeing. I should have known when she commented, "Oh, you know how his schedule goes!", that I would be waiting. Thank God there were magazines, be it 5-9 month old copies of Time, and Money, at least there was something to kill the 1 and a half hours that I spent waiting! He's lucky I like him!
So, the doc came in, did a little examination, checked my last set of bloodwork, and gave me the great news.....everything is NORMAL! I never thought hearing the word normal would make me feel so good! Basically, he thinks that since all these clotting issues have been ruled out, it only makes logical sense that birth control caused my P.E.!
When I was finished, he commented that he wanted to see me post-partum. I scheduled an appointment for May and it was so surreal. As the receptionist repeated the date and time, I caught myself gasping as I remembered in May I would have a child! I will be a Mom the next time I go to the hematologist! WOW!

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