Saturday, November 17, 2007

Why Blog?

So, why am I here writing? I mean everybody blogs now, right? Even people who I don't think can even read let alone write are blogging. So, why me? I'm just an ordinary girl living in Jersey trying to figure out life. Where should I start? How about the guy that did this to me!
It's amazing that somehow I ended up married to a wonderful guy who shares in my twisted sense of humor and makes me laugh endlessly. I met Bryan the first week of college at we've be together since. It's really weird if you think about it. I found my soulmate at Boland Hall dorm, the same place where countless freshmen lost their virginity, drank abundantly, partied hard, and began their college careers. When I tell people we've been together that long, they laugh. That's pretty much the two of us- always laughing, even when it's inappropriate. This kid really has no chance in normalcy!
Along the way to here- pregnant me it went a little like this: we graduate, I get a job teaching first grade, Bryan decides to do the law school thing, we shack up together, he passes the bar (both the actually Legal Bar and a few drinking establishments....but that's another post altogether), he got a job, we get engaged, I started grad school, we get married, he gets another job, I kept teaching, he gets another job, we move to Central Jersey, I almost die...really... (another future post), we spend a year blissful, we plan the delayed honeymoon (another future post), and then I pee on a stick and it all changes. I'm knocked up waiting for the arrival of our child while attempting to finish my Master's and Bryan is considering what way his career should go. I won't lie. While I'm excited to meet this little person that makes me pee all the time, I'm also scared to death about what having a child is going to be like.
I guess I'll end it now with a quote from my mother-in-law repeated multiple times over 2 or was three martinis the night we told her she was going to be a grandmother. "Babies are a Blessing".

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