Friday, November 23, 2007

Thanksgiving Rewind

For the fourth consecutive year, Bryan has taken it upon himself to cook dinner. Of course, I his ever loyal sous chef, took my role seriously. Really, imagine all the extra time it takes for him to peel carrots, sweet potatoes, and to chop celery and garlic? I am indespensible! I can't lie, he makes a mean dinner. The turkey was yummy, and I can't stop raving about the sweet potatoes and corn bread stuffing. My parents and his mom got along swimmingly as usual, and my 24 year old brother, spent less time on his cell phone than I anticipated. We truly are lucky to have so many good things to be thankful for this year. The only thing missing besides Casey in Korea was my sister.

However with that being said, this negative turns into a positive today. Why, you ask? We get to do Thanksgiving dinner again today! I've taken to calling it Thanksgiving part deux. My super talented and intelligent sister Jeanna is a first year resident at DuPont Children's Hospital and yesterday she was on-call. It was weird her not being here, but as I'm typing I know she's making the trip up looking forward to the cornbread stuffing, asparagus, and the divine Death by Chocolate cake that we indulged in yesterday. Yippee! Two times the food.

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