Sunday, January 19, 2014

Week-end End

This week we were asked to concentrate on 10 Things to do on the weekend.

Instead I will twist this topic on its side a bit, and share 10 things I am known to do on a Saturday or Sunday.

1. Jump in the car for an impromptu trip down the shore for a day of body surfing, sand castle building, and of course some frozen treats from the fudgy wudgy man.
For all you non-Philadelphia area readers, this means we pack up the car and drive the hour and a half to the beach. 

2. Thrown an over the top party to celebrate the birthday of one of my daughters.

3. Hit up the Farmers market. We'll sample some fresh apple cider, buy all kinds of tomatoes, corn, fruit and the occasional loaf of crusty bread. We'll end the morning with freshly squeezed orange juice, waffles for the girls, and devour the most delicious bacon, tomato, corn, & cheese quesadillas.

4. Church - Me plus the older two.

5. Break out the soccer gear, wrangle all three children, and head to our seats at the Philadelphia Union.

6. I try to make my hair appointments for early Saturday morning. This way I'm good for the rest of the day. That is when I remember to make the appointments.

7. From September to November, early Saturday mornings are spent watching my two soccer girls, while attempting to contain my future soccer girl.

8. Saturday night before kids would have been date night. Now, if I'm lucky it can be again! However, instead of heading out at 10, we're in around then.

9. Head to Sesame Place.
Though I usual abstain from Sesame Place in the summer, in the spring & fall, Sesame Place often has special guests headlining. We have seen the Fresh Beat Band and Jack Hanna - animal expert here.

10. Swim Lessons and dinner at Chipotle. This is now our usual Sunday mid-afternoon, and seriously I could eat Chipotle daily.

What about you? What's your typical weekend? Are you lucky enough to sleep? I have memories of that, but alas, three kids in under five years, sleep is just a dream.

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  1. Farmer's Market! It's been so long that I've been to one - since we moved out of Orange County. I've totally forgotten about those. I think it's about time I look for what's around here. ;)

  2. Sleep will come again, I promise! My two are grown now but even before, they started sleeping in as teenagers, and I thought I had slipped on into glory the first time I actually woke up on my own past 7 a.m!

    Great list!!

  3. I can relate to being home by 10 on a date night and wishing for more sleep!


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