Monday, January 6, 2014

Brand Spanking New

This week in Listicle land, we are instructed to make a list of ten things we love that are new. As is the new year, I'll just dive into it.

1. Newly Cleaned Sheets

Ah, that moment you climb into a freshly made bed is heaven.

2. New Car Smell

Yes they make those little car fresheners that attempt to mimic this smell, but this is not even close to that smell of a new car.

3. New Baby

A new baby is placed in your arms and suddenly the world goes away. It doesn't necessarily even need to be your own, but that feeling of getting lost in this new being, nothing comes close that feeling.

4. New Heels

Especially when they're paired with a....

5. New Bag

6. New season at the beach

This one is kind of a stretch, but that first day we head to the beach on Easter. The quiet sand and surf before the crazy chaos of the summer months.

7. New Restaurant

I love when we're seated, at a new restaurant and the waiter places the menu in my hands. Perusing the guide, debating the choices, and ultimately making a selection is a favorite hobby.

8. New Recipe Success

I never considered myself much of a cook, however my confidence in the kitchen is slowly improving. I'll even go so far as say I enjoy making dinner now, most days.

9. New Year

I'm not talking the calendar year, I'm thinking more my year. I have never been one to hide my age. Thirty five has been quite fabulous so far, and with each birthday I celebrate another new year.

10. New Friends

This year, as my two older girls have made new friends in their respective Kindergarten and preschool. They are both flourishing in their classes. I am surprised, however, that along the way I too have made some new friends. How lucky are we?

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  1. Your number 6 - we recently went to the beach this past November...and I loved it. I truly love the beach in any season. Uncrowded is best!

  2. Great list. It's funny - I work for a car company and often hear about people obsessing over that "new car smell." Sadly for me, with three kids, that smell evaporates quickly. :)


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