Monday, July 22, 2013

Shop 'til you.....CRY!

Mondays have been my day to grocery shop since I hung up my heels and became a stay at home mom. I find it only fitting that on my attempt to return to my favorite Listicles that this week's topic involve shopping.

Stasha and company have instructed us to share 10 Things You Buy Every Week. 

My shopping trips now have turned into controlled chaos, as usually Maeve sits in the seat of the cart, while Mo holds the side, and I have Margo strapped into the Ergo, eyes peeking out at the menagerie of shoppers around. Usually there is some bit of crying, most of the time it's not me.

I have been asked before why I would even attempt to shop weekly with my brood, and it's simple. I'd rather do it with them on Monday morning, then any other time of day. (See here for a more succinct explanation). And because of their presence a few of my weekly buys involve bribery. I'll make note of those on the list below.

10 Things I Buy Weekly

1. One cinnamon bun & One chocolate chip muffin 
 Bribery -The bun is for Mo, the muffin for Maeve, and they nibble along as we go.

2. Either half pound of ham or turkey and pound of American Cheese
At the deli counter, the girls get their free piece of cheese, while I get Maeve's lunch meat. The girl loves       her sandwiches with honey mustard.

3. Grapes, Bananas, & Apples
The three fruits Mo will eat, period.

4. Large Container of Spinach
Green Monster Smoothies, the breakfast of champions or mamas on the go!

5. Sprout, Happy Baby, & Plum Organics Baby Food
With flavors like "Sweet potato, Mango, & Millet" and "Sweet Potato & White Bean", I often wish these pouches came in adult friendly sizes. It sure would make meal time that much easier.

6. Yogurt
A tub of fat free plain for me, and a selection of choice for the girls.

7. Three boxes of Kashi Cereal Bars
One strawberry, one cherry vanilla, & one blackberry for the older girls breakfast every morning.

8. One gallon 1% milk, One gallon 2% milk, Two half gallons vanilla soy milk
Grown ups drink 1%,  Mo drinks 2%, and Maeve drinks soy. We're the house to stop by if you want to       mix up your dairy or dairy alternative consumption.

9.  Simply Orange juice
Yes, there are other cheaper orange juices out there, but nothing tastes as good as this.

10. Wegmans Brand Double Stuff Oreos
Usually the original variety of an item is superior, however, I challenge any person to a blind taste test.The Wegmans brand double stuff chocolate and cream cookies (I shouldn't use Oreos because that's the brand, not the cookie) are the best. The cream allowance is similar. It's the cookie part that wins. It is a more sturdy cookie, so when dumping them into the cookie jar, they stay in one piece. And we all know, when it's time to dunk your cookie in milk, it needs to be in one piece.

Off to the grocery store now!

What do you buy weekly?


  1. I have a hard time shopping with one! I'm also scheming to find a way to go it alone, maybe before Hub goes to work in the morning? Or all together on a weekend but groceries and weekends don't really go well!

  2. Yum! We buy cheese, spinach and apples on a weekly basis. I love that you included your bribes in the list (cute!). Now, I really want to try those Wegman's Oreos - I am curious. Also, I have been known to buy baby food peaches on occasion - they taste really really good!

    Happy Listicles Monday.

  3. Wow, that's a lot of milk! We only go through about 4-5L a week. That will no doubt change once my kids get older... :)


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