Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Family Ties

The sound of waves crashing on the beach find their way intermingled among the giggles and shouts of  "Watch Grammy". Back and forth they swim. Grammy in the deeper water, while Grammy with the Bracelets stands closer to shore.

"Watch me put my face in!" Maeve instructs.

Both grandmothers stare intently as she bobs her face into the cool water.

Immediately lifting her face, she waits for their responses and they do not disappoint, as a chorus of praise finds it way to Maeve.

Not wanting to be overshadowed by her little sister, Mo chimes in, "Gram, Grammy Bracelets watch me!".

Their focus turns to her, as Mo perfects her streamline, kicking her feet as fast as she can from one grandmother to the other.

They repeat the scene over and over, as Moira and Maeve spend an afternoon in the Atlantic with their two grandmothers.

I shift in the chair. Margo sleeping in my arms, as my feet find the towel. I watch in amazement, as four of my favorite ladies spend time together. I watch the generations ahead of me, and I smile.

My girls are lucky.

I have heard horror stories of in-laws, where tension exists and family events can be uncomfortable. Where grandparents feel the need to compete for the affections of their grandchildren. Or, worse, situations where grandparents ignore their grandchildren all together.

This is not the case with our family.

Strange as it may sound, we all get along.

Just last summer, my mom would join Moira, Maeve, and I for weekly pilgrimages to my mother in law's house. Together we would spend the majority of the day at the beach. Heading back to her house for a late lunch, we would sit and talk together before returning home.

Unlike the formality that many in laws seem to possess, they have developed a friendship and honestly enjoy each other's company.

And as grandmothers they are very similar. Together with my father, the three are the grandparents I would wish for every child, including myself.

They dote, spoil, and absolutely adore my children. They go out of their way to ensure the children's happiness.

Grammy Bracelets fills her candy dish with the girls favorites before every trip. Sharing sideways glances with Mo & Maeve as they sneak another gummy fish between giggles, the mutual adoration is evident.

My mom has perfected her Wicked Witch cackle, as she chases the girls around the dining room table. The chorus of "Chase me some more Grammy" echoes through the air intertwined with screams of delight.

While Popsie cannot enter the front door without requests for soccer, softball, football, walks, and promises of vanilla and chocolate ice cream in the event Mr. Frosty makes his way around. He knows the there is no rest time when he visits.

Bryan and I have often talked about our parents growing up. Obviously they did a great job, as we consider ourselves pretty great successes in life, contributing members of society and all that. However, in this role as grandparents, they have far exceeded themselves. They are my girls favorite people and they love spending time with them. They've got this grandparent thing figured out.

My kids are pretty lucky, and I realize so am I.


  1. lovely. Pure blissful reading for me. Lucky indeed <3


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