Friday, February 15, 2013

2 + 1 =/= 3

Interesting title, right?

Here I am, back to the blog. The place I confess and share, and rant and write. It's been a whirl, my friends.
Ask any first grader what's 2 plus 1, and he will respond 3.

Simple mathematics, but in terms of humans when you have two children, and one more is added, it sure does not seem like three!

There's exponentially more of everything: more noise, more needs, more laundry, and the need for more hands. It is such a monumental change, the addition of this small little being that the norm is gone.

When I had Moira and Maeve, I remember feeling completely and utterly overwhelmed. As I look back, those first few months after their arrivals I frankly was a mess, emotionally fragile and exhausted.

However this time, I am good.

Really, honestly, truly I am.

We're out. We're about. We're doing as much as one can do during the winter in the northeast.

In sharing my feelings this time around with a few people, I was reminded it may be because now, I don't have the time for exhaustion and emotion.

I am the mom to three girls four years and under, I just do not have the time to cry and think about it.

Perhaps, they're right?

Now as for the girls, that's a bit different. Not only has my norm been altered, but so has theirs.

Don't let the pigtails fool you, this one's been trouble!

Attitude much?
If one asks the three year old, the addition of a new sister is good...most of the time.

Her place has been usurped. The baby no more, she's not quite sure of this new title- "Big Sister". It could be the joys of being three, or the reaction to having a new baby in the house, or the combination of the two, but any way I look at it, Maeve has developed an attitude. There's been doors slammed, feet stomped in protest, and declarations that "I no love you mommy! You not my best friend!" The blatant refusal to do what I ask is what gets under my skin the most.

Yes, my friends, three has taken over my sweet Maeve overnight. She's not the baby anymore and she's not too happy about it.

I asked the pediatrician at her three year appointment how long I should expect this behavior in relationship to Margo, and her response frankly scared me. Between forced smile she uttered, "Well, we just don't know. It can take some time, months or so!"

MONTHS! MONTHS I have to deal with this?!?!

But then I see a sliver of my sweet girl, and I realize she's still there, just trying to make sense of this new normal.
I'm hoping there's more of this!
Moira, however, has basically remained her same easygoing self. While she loves Margo, having a new little sister in the family really hasn't changed things for her too much. She's still top dog and loving it.

This post has taken me some time to finish as my hands have been busy. (I am currently typing with one hand while holding a sleeping babe). 

I apologize for the absence.  I miss this. I miss having this refuge. I miss my blogging buds, but for the moment my hands are occupied with something, err someone else.

Priorities, my friends, priorities. 


  1. haha, the pediatrician was being nice by saying "months".

  2. I am so happy for the update, I have really missed you and have been dying to gush over your three girls! Congratulations, you are handling it beautifully! :)

  3. Glad to see you back on the blog. You have a sweet sweet family.

  4. Hehehe...3 is the new 2 ;) Hang in there girl.
    Also? I found it much harder going from 1 to 2 kids then from 2 to 3 and so on. You are an expert multi-tasker!!


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