Monday, February 18, 2013

Etsy, Bitsy, Teeny, Weeny

I'm back on the Monday Listicle wagon, hopefully for good!
(Blowing kisses to Stasha and all my Listicle buds!)

I almost feel like Wendy, from the Stamping Rules knew I was back as she suggested this week's topic. Being consumed with diapers, nursing demands, and attempting to referee two very stubborn little girls in between, I sometimes find myself overwhelmed. In those moments, where my patience is tested, it's those little things that save me.

Today I'll share

Ten little things that currently bring me joy during a chaotic day alone with three little ones

1. Nap time

2. Peanut Butter Granola crackers

3. My daily phone call from my mom to check in.

4. HGTV, Bravo, Food Network & Ridiculousness on MTV

5. Giggles during lunch when Maeve reenacts this scene from Despicable Me

6. The smirky smile and coos from Margo after finishing nursing.

7. After successfully strapping three kids in car seats, placing the key in the ignition and hearing the engine roar.

8. Overhearing Mo share, "Maevie, you're my very best friend!" ten minutes after telling her "I no love you no more! You not my sister!"

9. The seven minutes of alone time in the hot shower while Margo sits in the bouncy seat mesmerized by the waves and the older girls sit on my bed engrossed in an episode of Imagination Movers.

10. That sound of the key in the lock at the front door at the end if the day. I exhale and silently celebrate another successful day of surviving motherhood!

What about you? What brought you some bit of joy or satisfaction today? Link up with Stasha & company


  1. I love hot showers too. When I can get five minutes or more interrupted and if I'm not racing to go somewhere. It's heaven.

  2. Welcome back and congratulations!! I love the new look of your blog. Perfect!
    #7 IS a reason to celebrate! In fact to this day, I still celebrate when everyone gets in the car AND they have all of their required stuff and car seats are a distant memory for me. :)

    And I remember #10 oh so well. Ellen

  3. Oh my goodness, number 9 totally gave me flashbacks...I completely remember those days!!

  4. Visiting from Listicles. I'm a fellow "Bravo-holic"...don't even get me started on Andy Cohen, haha.

  5. I do miss those wonderful looks after my boys were done with nursing...drunk with breast milk!!

  6. How could I have forgotten about the Food Network!?!? We don't get it at home so when we're away my older son and I have a marathon of watching it. :).

    Welcome back and great new look!

  7. I can really relate to seven peaceful minutes in a hot shower! And how awesome that your mom calls every day!

  8. I no longer experience #10, but remember it very well. Your list was a joy...even better than BRAVO (which is actually on in my house right now, yipes).

  9. Mmmm naps. I got to take one today. It was heavenly. Two hours of heaven :D


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