Thursday, January 10, 2013


It's January. The time of New Year's Resolutions and promises.

Will it be the year to lose weight?
Clean out the junk?
Put yourself on the list of priorities?

I don't do it. I don't make resolutions.
Never had, never intended to.

Sure, there's a list of things running in my head that I need to improve upon, which I'm sure is no different than most people. However the first of January does not seem like the natural starting point, even with the excuse of having given birth nearly 4 weeks ago. I will admit, starting  the new year out like that is not my style.

However this year is different.

I have one,
Only one resolution.

Call it peer, I mean partner pressure, but I have succumbed and made one resolution this year.

I guess, it's actually more of a compromise, but given the time of year, I think the term: resolution may work.

This year: I will not be planning Maeve's birthday party. I have given up the manic planning and fully intend to hand over the reigns to her third birthday party to Bryan.


Okay, I do realize to the average person this may not seem like a big deal.
I gave birth less than a month ago to my third child.
I have a newborn, a nearly three year old, and a four year old, it's January,and the last thing I should be doing is obsessing over crepe paper lanterns, yarn hair braids, cupcakes, and finding the right shades of purple and yellow while the soundtrack from Tangled plays in the background.

For normal people, party planning should not be all consuming.

However, I am not a normal person when it comes to parties.

I have dove in, head first, into planning these fun little fetes for my girls with dress ups, and games, and desserts galore. I have searched blogs, and party stores, pinned ideas on Pinterest, and scoured for recipes, all to create these fun filled days.

But not this party.

I just cannot do it, and I feel guilty.

Sure, she'll only be three, but for three, Moira got the Wizard of Oz. She got a dress, ruby sneakers, and a faux yellow chalked brick road. She got rainbow cupcakes, pin the heart on the scarecrow, and fruit loop necklaces.

She had hours of my life dedicated to the intricate details of goodie baskets and pinatas.

She had a great party.

And Maeve, well, who knows how this will turn out?

It will be fine.

Yes, it will be a good party.

We'll be surrounded by friends and family who love my kids. We'll eat, drink and be merry.
Bryan's at the helm, so at least we know the food & desserts will be kick ass. My good friend Lynsay has graciously taken over all crafting duties, so Maeve and her guests won't miss out on the homemade touches, and of course, Ashley will be there photographing the event.

Maeve will have a great day and enjoy every second in the limelight.

I know rationally I am not emotionally scarring  Maeve because her Tangled party won't be up to "my standard", but I can't help but feel a bit of guilt that I'm not in the driver's seat this year.

Until then, I'm keeping my resolution and not going crazy for her birthday...this year.

However, during late night nursing sessions, I have already started brainstorming ideas for her fourth birthday.



  1. You're a wonderful and caring mother and she'll adore whatever party she has because she feels the love.
    Just adore the new feet-filled header it's very cute :)

  2. Awww, good for you and I have no doubt he will plan a fantastic party! :)

    CONGRATULATIONS on the birth of your baby, by the way. I can't believe I missed it. Christmas had me so busy I neglected much more than my own blog. Happy New Year!

  3. LOL!!! Good for crack me up! Be strong, you can do it :)


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