Wednesday, January 2, 2013

So Long '12

Happy New Year!

With the addition of dear Margo, time seems to be running away from me. The first few weeks (months) with a newborn really leave little if any free time for things like showering, cooking, and blogging. Thus, my yearly photo recap which I would have like to have accomplished prior to the New Year, has been instead left for today, January 1. Please reserve criticism for this entry, as the majority was written one handed, with sleeping baby resting quietly in the other.

Let me share, my favorite photos of 2012. 

Our Sunshiny Maevie Baby's 2nd Birthday Party

Excitement as we head to see the Laurie Berkner Band

An unseasonably warm day the end of the montt brought out the Ice Cream Man

Moira's Fourth Birthday Pirate Parrrrty

Fun at the local street fair

We let our little surprise out of the bag!

Fourth of July Bry & Maeve with the fireworks

The four of us at Jeanna & Ian's wedding

Sunset Beach, Cape May NJ
A most perfect end to a wonderful beach day.

Boo at the Zoo
The morning before the mass distruction of Superstorm Sandy damaged so much of NJ. 

Fun with the fall leaves

A most perfect Christmas present!
All three of our gals underneath the tree.

We truly have been blessed with a fabulous year filled with lots of fun and family.
Here's hoping 2013 only continues on the same path! 


  1. wonderful photos! I love the one of the 2 girls standing on the beach. gorgeous!
    and the one under the tree with the best Christmas gift a mom could get! just perfect.
    all the best for 2013!

  2. Beautiful photos, beautiful year. You are so pretty, the August photo is magazine cover worthy!! Happy 2013, so excited to see what it brings!


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