Monday, September 17, 2012

Wedding Withdraw

Within these past five weeks, we have attended three very different festivities celebrating three very different couples as they each tied the knot.

How practically perfect that Stasha declared this week in the Land O'Listicle as the week dedicated to any or all things wedding! 

I will admit, it's been nearly seven years since our wedding, and I still stare blissfully at a few framed photos reminicising about that day. That day, we scrimped, saved, and thoroughly enjoyed!

Taking that as inspiration, in chronological order, may I present: 
My ten most favorite wedding memories. 

1. Aunt Celine & Uncle Jimmy

Do you see me? 
I know that grey tuxedo is a hoot, but I'm there. 
That's me: the flower girl. 
I was completely and utterly enamored with all things wedding when my Aunt Celine asked me to be her flower girl. My dress was lovely. I wore a wreath of flowers around my head, and carried more flowers in my basket. I got to walk with my cousin, Christopher, and I remember thinking that I was so grown up because I was in the wedding. I also remember thinking Aunt Celine was so cool to wear a hat instead of a veil.
2. Aunt Patty & Uncle Dave
I don't have a photo of this one, as they were married when I was in high school. My Aunt Patty is my godmother, and my mom's younger sister. 
Growing up, I often pleaded, "Will you make me your flower girl when you get married?
  Her reply, "By the time I get married Jac, you can be my maid of honor!" 
Lo and behold, when it was time for Aunt Patty to tie the knot, I stood next to her as her maid of honor.
3. Ashley & Chris
Ashley has been my best friend since ninth grade, so her wedding was one of those monumental moments in life, that time where your life is in transition. No longer a college kid, but now an adult. Adulthood dreams displacing those of youth. Husband, house, and kids to come. 
Ashley's father had passed away during college after a valiant fight with cancer. It was not soon after his passing that butterflies often would flutter by, serving as a sign that wherever he was, he was watching. In tribute to her father, after their ceremony, we gathered in the courtyard outside the church. After a short reading, dozens of butterflies were released in his honor. 

4. Steve & Lynsay
This was the first wedding Bryan & I attended after our own wedding, and honestly it was the most relaxed I think I have ever felt. The stress from our own day had long since passed, and being a good two years before having children of our own, we were able to eat, drink, and be merry.  
Plus any day Bry's in a tuxedo is a good day for me!

5. Taryn & Dave
My cousin Taryn decided to have a rather low keyed wedding and reception. Being the oldest of seven, family has always been very important to her, and thus my entire family was invited to the festivities. This included my future sister in law at the time Colleen, and a fourteen month old Moira. We enjoyed celebrating all together and unknown to most of the guests, I had surprise of my own during this time. Maeve was born seven months later!
My mom, Mo, me, my sister Jeanna, & my now sis in law Colleen 

6.  Aly & Rob
If you have children, do you remember the first time you left them overnight? 
Aly & Rob's special day was that first time for us! 
Mo was fifteen months old, and after spending close to twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week with her, I was more than ready for some freedom. Aly & Rob's wedding became that solace for me, and Bry too. We partied it up with some of my closest work friends, and spent the night sleeping soundly in a hotel. Waking past nine the next morning was just as heavenly as the cocktail hour where I gorged myself on appetizers the night before. 

7. Colleen & Joey
My baby brother's wedding was everything I had hoped for him, and nothing I had ever imagined. I wrote of my own frustrations over being a grown up in this piece, but there were two key moments that still resonant with me two years later. 
My brother coaxing Mo, a two year old flower girl down the aisle with the promise of a lollipop. 
And then the second memory, his best friend calling from overseas. Mikey is Joey's best friend and in turn the only natural selection to be his best man. Unfortunately, active Naval duty took precedent over his friend's wedding, and Mikey shipped off before that September day. Colleen worked her magic and with the assistance of her cell phone and the DJ, was able to get Mikey to call during the reception. A surprise to not only my brother, but Mikey's parents who were in attendance and all those others who love and miss Mikey. 
Plenty of tears were shared over this memorable moment. 

8. Jeanna & Ian
Not less than four weeks ago, my little sister got married. 
Ever the tomboy, she is more comfortable in sweats and a ponytail. Imagine our combined surprise when she chose this number as her wedding gown.
It's fitted! 
It's strapless! 
And, man, her boobs & ass looked fabulous in it!

Yes, I was maid of honor for my aunt. By as a self absorbed teen, I had no clue all that went into this role. Between the bachleorette, the shower, Flower girl day, numerous phone calls, texts, and emails, I won't lie, it was exhausting! However that day, standing immediately at my sister's side, watching her smile the biggest smile I have ever seen, I wouldn't trade it at all. 
It was worth it!
The Flower girls & the Bride

Of course the lover of all things sweet would have a personalized cake topper!

Okay, so there are only eight. Since I am the author here, I'm taking the last two spots for myself. Number 9 & 10 I'm dedicated to our own wedding. 

My two most favorite memories from our day. 

9. Instead of renting a limo, we rented a trolley for our mode of transportation. Pulling up to the church, I watched my aunt, uncle, and grandmother zip into the parking lot and later a car full of friends who took a half day from teaching made it just in time for the ceremony. As I took one last moment to compose myself,  I saw a grandfather pulling his little granddaughter in a wagon pass the church. She could not have been more then four years old. Looking up to me coming down the stairs, she oohed and aahed as he continuing pulling her up the path. I smiled and waved. As they walked away, I made it to solid ground. It was then I overheard her saying, "Grandpa, I saw the bride! I saw the bride! Doesn't she look so pretty?" 
In that moment I lost any feelings of tears or anxiety and just smiled. 
That smile, that moment set the tone for the entire ceremony and the rest of the day. 

10. Our entire reception. Open bar, fabulous foods, great dance music, and the best group of people period. To this day, we still say we need to save up our pennies to have another party like that one! 

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  1. Ok dagnabbit I am gonna have to avoid all of these today. They are making me all weepy eyed. The one about getting the call from his best friend and him crying, yeah got me. Dangit..

    1. I know right Angel? I'm telling you there was not a dry eye in the place when we heard his voice!

  2. How fun that you mentioned all of these weddings! I've barely been to any lately.

  3. This is the most fun post!! Love it:) I always love seeing people's pics and hearing all about the big day - thanks for sharing!

  4. so enjoyed that. and I'm getting all misty-eyed....gotta stop reading all these wedding posts! what a lovely, treasure of a surprise for your brother. so special. and you .... you guys look like you know how to rock the reception! awesome.

  5. How many great memories! It must be awesome having such a big family! =)

  6. That was wonderful. I wish I had such pictures to remember the weddings of friends and family I love. That is one post you should save...

    1. I did share it on FB with my friends/family I shared Jaime.

  7. Love that you did your favorite weddings - great take on the list! I loved our reception, too. Isn't that just the best knowing everyone had such a fun time, including YOU! :)

    1. I'm glad to hear I wasn't the only one that thoroughly enjoyed their reception!

  8. I have to say that I, too, got teary - especially reading about the phone call at the reception. Great list!

  9. Okay, love your post!

    I laughed, (at the grey tuxedos and phew, the hair), I cried, (at the phone call on your brother's wedding) and I loved, (your brother coaxing your daughter down the aisle with a lollipop and oh my, i love the colour you chose for your bridesmaids' dresses.)

    Happy 7 years to you two next month! Hope you guys manage to squeeze in a celebration!

    1. I must admit, I picked the color of the bridesmaids dresses because it's a color I constantly get compliments on when I wear it. I figured if I was going to have these gals around me the whole night, I ought to put them in a color flattering to me!

  10. Love it! Look at all those happy pictures. And Aw, I remember that flower girl post. Your girls look so cute up there!

  11. Great approach to this list, and a wonderful tribute to other couples you admire. I never got to be a flower girl, and I don't have any daughters (I have three sons), so I can only envy you that! :)

    1. I'm thinking of putting an ad in Craig's List offering my daughters' services as Flower Girls. They were kick ass at my sister's wedding!

  12. Wonderful photos and sweet memories! As for me, I went off topic for Monday listicles. I don't have a single good photo from my wedding. Do you believe it? My photographer, an uber-expensive, seasoned older woman took the worst photos ever. Waah!

  13. Loved your wedding pics, especially the one of the entire wedding party on the beach!

  14. What amazing photos and memorable weddings. I love the butterfly release in honor of your bff's dad/

  15. Smiles all over the place from me because of this list. You captured the truly great things about weddings...growing up, things to come, family, friends, and most importantly, love.

  16. And i'm back. Like the plague. I am nominating YOU for the Sunshine Award!!! Deets on my blog *if* you are interested:)

  17. Love this so much. Made me blissfully happy reading this list, savoring the photos. And Jeanna looked amazing. AMAZING!! ( not that new brother in law was not dashing!)


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