Friday, August 17, 2012

Girl Party

Once upon a time, a fire fighter asked a pediatrician to get married. 

She said yes and immediately began planning for the wedding of their dreams. 

 Having two lovely and adorable nieces, they were asked to be flower girls.

 As equally lovely and adorable was this woman's older sister, whom was asked to be matron of honor. 

Taking her duties, quite seriously, the matron of honor threw herself into planning a bachelorette party and bridal shower worthy of the bride to be's high standards

Nothing was too good for her little sister.
In turn, an evening in Philadelphia was decided upon. 
The evening included good friends, plenty of drinks, fabulous dinner, bowling, and one torrential downpour.

The very following Sunday, these lovely ladies as others gathered  to honor the bride to be with a 
"Love is Sweet"  bridal shower. 

While the bachelorette and shower were a success, Mo the flower girl was upset. Crying to her mother, she couldn't understand why she was not included in the bachelorette festivities? She enjoys going out to dinner and bowling was a favorite past time. 

"Why, oh why can't I come out with you Mommy?" she asks. 
Explaining that these events were for adults only Mo is left sad and deflated. 
"But I promise I'll be good!" she pleads. 
"I'm sorry Mo, it's for grown ups only". 

In response, the bride to be declares to the lovely little ladies: 
"How about we have a Flower Girl Day? It'll be a day just for the flower girls! We'll have lots of fun, just us girls. What do you think?"

A smile overtakes her face, as the talk of Flower Girl Day pushes the bachelorette party out of her mind. 

Flower Girl Day:
A day for two flower girls to celebrate with the bride to be (and their mommy and uncle). 

Two weeks before the wedding, Flower Girl Day is underway. 

It begins with presents for the two special girls:


& Books!

Then, like the ladies did a few weeks before, they make their way to the bowling alley.

Hugs are exchanged as the game finishes, as we prepare to head to lunch. 

Moving the festivities to the Pop Shop, we celebrate with fried pickles, french fries, pancakes, vanilla milkshakes, chocolate milk, and cherry cokes!

Finally returning home we share red velvet and yellow cupcakes as our Flower Girl day celebration is over. A most memorable day indeed for all those involved.  

Having a wedding? 
Do you have a flower girl or two? 
It's easy for them to get lost in the shuffle of planning the big day. I suggest you take a few hours and relish being a kid and have a Flower Girl day of your own!

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  1. Aww that was an awesome idea. It is easy for the little ones to get lost in the shuffle of the excitement of the adults. I am glad they have an aunt who thinks about that and does awesome stuff like this for them.

  2. Too. Freakin'. Cute!!!

  3. AH! Your girls are adorable. How sweet to make this such a special time for the flower girl. Love all of your pics. I bet your daughters are just crazy about their aunt :)

  4. You really do know how to throw a party. And flower girl day is about the cutest thing ever! cannot wait to see the wedding day!

  5. What a great idea; sounds like it was a very special day! You can see the joy on their faces!

  6. So perfect! I love both of the special days. Looks like you had a wonderful time. Twice!

    Thanks for linking up with us!

  7. How fun you created flower girl day! They must have loved it.


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