Thursday, August 23, 2012

The Chaos Before the Calm

Where are the ruffled socks?

Do I have the personalized hair bows? 

I cannot forget my engagement ring, or make up. That would be bad. 

Do I have the bag of snacks? drinks? bribes? 

Where's my speech? Is it good enough? Will they laugh? cry? GULP...stay silent?

It's here, the day before my sister gets married. 

Her rehearsal dinner is but a few hours away. The planning, the chaos, and the tears have been shared. The final fitting of the dress over, as I learned how to tighten the corset and bustle the train. We're all ready. 

It's time for the fun stuff now, the stuff that makes the memories.  

It's time for little girls in their dresses and party shoes. 

It's time for the vows and the rings.
It's time for the wow as she walks in, 
the shared smile as they see each other for the first time, 
and the kiss to seal the deal. 

It's time to reminisce with the extended family we don't see nearly enough. 

It's time to share a drink or two or three with the friends we've known since childhood. 

All too happen the everyday gets in the way. Work, schedule, routine, and conflicts make their voices known, preventing us from that promised dinner out or visit. Everyday life happens and it's so easy to get swept up in the montony. However on days like this, it gives us all a reason to pause, to make an effort to enjoy the moment. 

It's time to celebrate! 

The bride to be and one of her flower girls mid tickle!

It's #GoodThingsThursday at the Little White Whale. 
What's 'gooder' than a wedding? 
Little White Whale


  1. Well talk about a good thing!
    Have a great time at the dinner and at the wedding and best wishes to your sister!

  2. What a fun day to have found your blog ... the day before your sister marries. Wow! Congratulations...have a wonderful weekend!

    Visiting from the LWW link-up!

  3. Love this! What fun - weddings do make great memories . . . Have a blast!

  4. Nothing is gooder than a wedding...especially a sister's :).

  5. Oh Jackie! How exciting! Like you said, it's time for the fun stuff! Time for all that good memory making. And...I wanna see pictures from the wedding! Snap a few won't you for the rest of us? I bet it will all be so lovely. Enjoy! Enjoy! Enjoy!

  6. How wonderful! There is nothing like a wedding. Perfect opportunity to catch-up and make new memories with family and friends. Hope you all have a weekend to remember!

  7. How exciting. I hope it was a beautiful day with lots of wonderful memories!


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