Wednesday, August 1, 2012


Be happy for this moment.  
This moment is your life.
~Omar Khayyam

How often do I find myself wrapped up in the silly little things?

The laundry that needs to be done, the beds not made, the toys that have overtaken the family room. 
I can feel the stress rise. 
My blood pressure goes up, as the words spew from my mouth. 

"Clean up the mess!" 
"Put those toys away!"
"Let's go! Let's go! C'mon let's go!"

I'm in a hurry. A hurried and harried state, where I lose who am I. I don't like this person. I realize it and I need to change. 

Who am I kidding? 

Does any of this little stuff matter? 

Will they notice if their clothes lie an extra day in their laundry basket? 
Will they remember if their beds were neatly made every day? 
Will they remember the organizational bins mommy put in the living room to try and keep things in order?

The answer is simple. 
and neither will I. 

I will remember those silly faces,  

running through the waves,

those quiet moments of reflection, 

the disappearance of the baby as the little girl emerges,  

the cuddles, smiles, and joy in the moment. 

Be happy for this moment

fun filled, 

because this moment, 
this madness
 is life!

Little White Whale


  1. Love it, Jackie! It's so easy to get caught up in the mess. I look around my house and do the same. Sometimes I let it get to me too. And then like you, I look for the balance again. I let some things wait. I think about what's more important for a given moment. What beautiful beautiful girls you have!

  2. I know...I really know this feeling! Sometimes I let it get to me, and other times I don't (and I think it depends on the time of the month ;).
    Gorgeous pictures of your girls.

  3. I get this, I do. The oh I must do this, gah I have to get to that - and I wonder, how many moments have I missed? It's good to remind ourselves what really matters.

  4. I had one of those moments today, too...wonder why we get so caught up in the dishes and the...STUFF!! Who cares?! We put on a video and snuggled on the glad I picked that over the dishes :D Great post!

  5. I really relate to this. Sometimes I can get caught up in the day to day chores and miss opportunities for fun. You're right, we won't remember if the laundry was done or the dishes were put away. We will remember the moments we shared together.

  6. This makes me happy - I'm not alone! Why is it so freaking hard to let things wait to enjoy the moment? I really do struggle with that.

  7. Seriously - i was about to write basically what everyone else wrote. It makes me feel the same way - not alone. And totally encouraged to enjoy the moment...mess doesn't matter. But i sorta have an eye-twitch as i write that. Maybe i'll just keep repeating it until i believe it? Thanks for the reminder of the real job of a Mommy...not the fake one i made up for myself.

  8. OMG, yes. To every. single. word. of this. So hard to do, but so, so important!

  9. I try my best to pick fun over cleaning any time. Especially in summer when we can get outside and really have some fun together. Great pics!

  10. Sage advice and wonderful pictures!


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