Friday, September 28, 2012


Picking up Mo from preschool, she climbs into her car seat and adjusts the bands.

"Can you help me Mama?" she asks.

Having yet to master clipping the belts herself independently, I reach over her sister and safely secure her in her seat.

"You're next Maeve." I say.

Following the same actions, I clip her in and then slam the minivan door shut. Climbing into the driver side, I adjust my weight in the seat.

I let out a small sigh before asking the usual questions, "So Mo, how was school today?"

"Fine. We had a fun day. We saw the school. There also was a fire drill where we walked outside".

"Cool" I respond, "Did anyone cry?"

"Nope. Not this year." she sings.

"Anything else exciting?" I continue.

"Well, Lucy is going to Chick A Lay (chick fil a)  today after school with her mommy."

"How nice she gets to spend some time with her mom."

Usually Lucy is picked up by her grandfather, however on this day, I noticed her mom in line for pick up. A day off for the Jewish holiday, I suppose.

"Well, mom. I told her Chick A Lay is naughty." Mo proudly states. "Then Mrs. M asked what I said."

Oh no.

Since the recent news of Chick Fil A's  contributions towards organizations working to prohibit same sex marriages, we as a family decided to boycott the establishments.

It was hard for the girls, initially as concepts such as equal rights and marriage equality really are not standard in four and two year old vocabulary. Instead, I kept it in rather simple terms.

In our house, when behavior is inappropriate or causes ill feelings towards others, we use the term naughty.

When Mo hits her sister, I explain her behavior is naughty and she receives appropriate punishment.

When Maeve writes on the wall, she is punished and her behavior is labeled as naughty as well.

By not treating all people the same way, Chick Fil A is naughty.

Simple vocabulary for what has turned into a rather hot button topic.

I continue on, and ask, "Well what did you tell Mrs. M".

She shakes her head, "Mommy, you know?"

"Well what, " I ask. "What do I know?"

"Well mommy, you know Chick A Lay is naughty because they don't treat people the same way and that's not right."

"You are so right Mo." I say.

Mommy's little freedom fighter already making waves in preschool.


  1. Hooray for Mo, and good job to you guys for standing up for what you believe in!! I'd boycott them too, if we had one in our city.

  2. We won't go there either. Mo did good...

  3. This is wonderful. Go Mo!! She is a wonderful little lady.


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