Monday, July 16, 2012

A little bit of thanks goes a long way

Back at the helm, Stasha decided today's Listicle topic would be a list of 10 Thanks.

Oh they places this could go! Instead, I decided to look at one day, yesterday and think of those little thanks that made it that much better.

Ten Words of Thanks for Sunday, July 15, 2012

1. Thank you Maeve and Moira.
Sleeping until 7:40 and 7:45 respectively helped to start our Sunday morning off to a wonderful day. Any morning that begins after seven, is divine.

2. Thank you Nick Junior, Disney Junior, and Sprout stations.
Your presence and stellar children's programming makes me feel less guilty as my two love bugs sit, with milk cups in hand, in their early morning television stupors as they consume episodes of Sesame Street, Fresh Beat Band, and Jake and the Neverland Pirates while I catch up on my Sunday networking.

3. Thank you Red House Bagels.
It took a while, I do believe almost two years and eight months for your arriva, but hey, who's counting? With welcome arms we greeted you.  Finally a bagel shop that yields that right amount of chew to crust. Your everything bagels have the right combination of sesame seeds, poppy seeds, onions, salt, and garlic to go swimmingly with the lovely organic butter from Wegmans. The only improvement is when Bry times his arrival to their recent exit from the oven. Warmed bagels where the butter belts instantaneously, breakfast perfection!

4. Thank you Bank of America.
Unlike some banks that have taken to being open on Sunday, your bank remains closed on this day, thus permitting cars like ours to take refuge in your parking lot during the local Fine Arts and Crafts Festival. Free parking only a block from the action, not too bad!

5. Thank you inventors of Italian Ice.
Who thought that 92* with 90 % humidity would have been so well, humid and hot? The sweat managed to pearl over Maeve's top lip within five minutes of walking. Thankfully the homemade Italian ice from Casa Bella Trattoria was divine, and saved both Mo and Maeve from sweating away.

6. Thank you Sila Air Conditioning.
It has only been four months since these magicians did their thing on own home, but our place has never been the same. This year instead of fleeing to my parents home with each day over 90*, we are able to remain indoors; cold, crisp air blowing out of the vents. Returning home from the festival yesterday empty handed, tired, and sweaty, walking through that front door never felt better.

7. Thank you Bryan.
Not only did you send me downstairs and put the girls down for their naps independently, but then you encouraged me to climb into the comfort of our own bed and take a nap on my own. I do believe you slightly were motivated to push me upstairs so you could watch another episode of some new show solo, but I'm willing to overlook that as the nap was divine.

8. Thank you You Tube.
From your depths we have created our own dance parties nightly. Exposing our girls to the likes of:
Of Monsters and Men


The Black Keys

And because no dance party is complete without the Go-Go's.
My girls need some good girl rocking role models. (Of course, minus all the sex and drugs and all that...)

9. Thank you Disney.
I know most bedtime rituals involve a story before slumber, but in our house, we have nightly cuddles in our bed while we watch fifteen minutes or so of a movie. I thank you Disney (and Pixar too) for bringing me back to my old childhood as I watch with the same wide eyes as Ursula sucks Ariel's voice into that shell around her neck and dance in place as Sebastian the crab sings his ode to Kissing the Girl.

10. Thank you Five Guys Burgers.
Every Sunday night we're home it's the same conversation, "what's for dinner?" One would think by now I'd have this down, but nope. I don't cook on weekends, enough said.
So thank you, Five Guys burgers for your fabulously fantastic Little* Cheeseburger (*that means one burger)   with everything (lettuce, tomato, fried onions & mushrooms, ketchup, mustard, mayo, & pickles) and your tasty fries. Sunday dinner my way, indeed!

 Anyone stick out yesterday worth thanking? Take a minutes and link up since it is Monday after all!


  1. Hey!!! Where is Wala?!? ;)
    This is such a fun but actually heartwarming list. yeay for 'sleep-ins' and naps. I suppose me noticing these two above all the others tells you and need both...

    1. Funny you mentioned that Stasha. I thought I should add a note at the bottom that there was no Wawa trip yesterday.

  2. I envy your fabulous bagels. I'm always in search of the perfect everything bagel and have found only 2 that meet my standards both of which are thousands of miles away.

    1. We've lived all over NJ, and with each new trip, the first morning we search for bagels, then it's off for pizza too!

  3. I love your list! It's eerily similar to what could have been on mine with the references to food and movie watching. That's how we relax around here. Food and a little show! We do the movie before bed too in the summer and switch it up with books during the "school year." And now I'm thinking about burgers....

    1. Thanks Sarah, and in my opinion, every day is a good day for cheeseburgers!

  4. I think I am not going to cook on the weekends either...that sounds divine :) And kids that sleep in a little bit are priceless. What a difference it makes!!

    1. I will make the occasional breakfast Jen, but formal dinners are a big N-O on the weekends. It's my reprieve for Monday - Thursday!

  5. I love how you looked at one day. Fabulously fresh take on the Listicles. Ellen

  6. We Got The Beat is the best dance party song ever!

  7. I LOVE all of those songs. I should start playing them on youtube when we need a little dance party action. I love love love your list, all of it (I could name all the reasons why, but I won't. Just know that I agree.)


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