Monday, July 23, 2012

Birthday Party Perfect

It's Monday!

Time for the Listicle train to leave the station.  Since it's Robbie’s turn to choose the topic, she took inspiration from her daughter's ninth birthday and hence: Birthdays became our inspiration. 

I have disclosed time and time again, that I am a bit insane with regards to birthdays. Take note that I do have a label dedicated to party perfect. 

I will confess that my party planning neurosis for Maeve and Moira's birthdays in January and April respectively has already started to take form. Check out my pinterest boards here and here. 

And, yes, I have let my mind wander a bit to brainstorm potential first birthday party ideas for a child born around Christmas. (Yes, this child has not left utero, and I am already considering first birthday options.)

I am crazy about these party plans, so crazy that I figure this list should be dedicated to my ten most crazy birthday related memories in photo form- in no particular order.

1. Moira's Fourth Birthday Pirate Parrrrrty!

The purchase of a moon bounce, pirate hats and spy glasses, and random costumed Pirates circulating, made for quite the memorable fourth birthday extravaganza. 

2. Maeve's Sunshiny Second Birthday

Yellow, pink, and orange took over the first floor, as we celebrated our "little Sunshine" with a Sunshiny Second birthday party. Between the sunshine cake and our always bright and shiny Miss Marcia playing along, the party was quite the happy day!

3. Jeanna's Surprise 30th Birthday

Planning a surprise party is quite the feat, especially when the guest list includes more people you don't know than you do! Luckily, with the inception of evite, I was able to keep the guest list under control and in turn pulled out a memorable surprise birthday for my little sis!

4. Moira's First Birthday

I kept it calm that first birthday. Being that we had very few friends with kids, we decided to keep it relatively low key. Instead of the heavy themes and over the top decorations I later would adopt as norm, her first birthday instead centered on fabulous food, oh...and the birthday girl!

5. Maeve's Winter "One"derland

Not as crazy as her second birthday, I embraced the cold of January as we celebrated Maeve's first birthday with a Winter "one"derland. An adorable snowman smash cake combined with pin the carrot on the snowman were the highlights of this icy fete. So out of character, Maeve wanted nothing to do with her cake. 

6. Bryan's 30th Birthday
Atlantic City, NJ
Best friends who live three hours away from each getting together for the weekend as they each celebrate their 30th birthdays. 
Drunken debauchery,
High rolls at the craps tables,
VIP club access, 
and oh yeah, 
I'm 32 weeks pregnant with Moira.
Imagine that picture, because there are none taken to memorialize that night. 
A very pregnant Jackie weaving her way through the drunken bodies at the dance floor of a club trying to make it to the bathroom. Exactly how I never thought I'd be celebrating Bry turning 30. 
The end of freedom, he likes to say, because less than seven weeks later, Moira arrived. 
 At least I got a fabulous prenatal massage and dinner at Sea Blue out of it. 
Ask Bry what he remembers....

7. Moira's Second Birthday Musical Jamboree

Our favorite music teacher Miss Marcia took center stage as we hosted Mo's Second birthday with a fabulous musical jamboree in our living room. Maracas, shakers, and ribbon wands galore, as the kiddos sang, danced, and got their groove on. Of course, no birthday would be complete without cupcakes. And instead of baking, we had the fabulous Trendy Sweets bake for us. 

 8. Jackie's Surprise 30th Birthday

I'm guessing Bryan felt the need to make up for the craziness that was his 30th, by helping me celebrate with a party he planned at my speed. A tasting menu with 10 of our closest friends at our favorite local restaurant. Pitchers of sangria and some of the best food we've had greeted us as we shared in the celebration outside. That is until the rain started, and poured down! The party wasn't over however, complimentary t-shirts helped to dry us off. 
What a fun surprise and how nice to have not had to plan or clean up!
I don't have photos from that evening either. 

9. Moira's Over the Rainbow Third Birthday

It all started with her first viewing of Wizard of Oz. She was hooked. Everything became Dorothy and the flying monkeys. With that, a perfect party theme emerged. We played pin the heart on the tin man, used our courage to cover our eyes, and used our brain to create rainbow cereal necklaces. I do believe Dorothy had quite the happy birthday that year, plus the costume did double work coming back out for Halloween. 

10. The Tale of The Tastykake 

Read about it here.
No birthday in our house is complete without a breakfast serenade of "happy birthday" while blowing out the  candle on their favorite Tastykake. 
Maeve wanted nothing to do with hers. 
Moira couldn't get enough!

What comes to mind when you hear "birthdays"? Join in the fun!


  1. I am just as over the top as you! I could go on and on in your comment section, but I guess I should have just written the post about my penchant. But I'll give an example: instead of a yellow brick road, I did a red carpet that led across our 1 acre front yard and down into our basement that was transformed into a pop star stage and lounge.

    And my December baby's first birthday theme was snowmen! She had her own little snowman cake, too!

    Do you have a summer baby? We take our July girl to the Phillies with the whole scoreboard mention and confetti shower. (This is in addition to her friend party and her family party, lest you be worried for her.)


    1. OMG Ellen, I think I love you more now :)

  2. i'm going to stalk the poop outta your pinterest boards. :)

  3. Hahaha!! Oh my gosh, Jackie, just reading about all of those "over the top" parties makes me tired ;)
    Seriously, though, you are one awesome, party-planning mama. And I laughed out loud about the planning of the party of your unborn baby...hahahahaha!!!

    1. I'm a nut, Jen. A complete and utter nut, who is already worried that I'll be about 4 wks post-partum when it's Maeve's 3rd b-day.

  4. I'm impressed. I did this with our first (who turns 19 in Sept.) but I must admit to giving out of steam for the other two. For shame for shame. Our third's is right before Halloween and I have a horrible time trying to find a spot to squeeze it in. Christmas might be same way, but I'm sure if anyone can you it -- you are up to the challenge.

    1. That is what I'm worries about. This poor kid born immediately BEFORE Christmas. I just might be the one to overcompensate though.

  5. okay, it's settled...your hired for my next birthday party! Fab parties!

    (that sounds much nicer than admitting Imma bout to stalk ya on Pinterest)

    1. How close are you to the greater Philly area?

  6. I will let you throw me a birthday party anytime Jackie!!! You are the best. Deer theme is my favorite. But it is nearly impossible to choose really. LOVE IT!

    1. Seriously spell check?!?! Derland

    2. Thanks love, and for I minute I thought you threw down the gauntlet and wanted a "deer theme" party. My mind had already started....

  7. Wow. You can come over and party plan for my kid. I think I'm the only mother on the planet who doesn't like party planning. My poor, deprived child! ;-P

    1. Thanks, and I've been told I'm a bit neurotic with this.

  8. Wow come throw me a party! I love all the ideas! And the image of Bryan's 30th birthday cracks me up!

  9. Amazing! And worth it! Life should be celebrated. Your family is blessed to have you. ;)

  10. You are clearly in a TOTALLY different category from me in the party planing department! WOWZA!

  11. Sweet pictures! I love that sunshine cake :)

  12. Love the snowman cake, the sunshine, and the good old Tasty Cake! Great ideas here!

  13. How fun!! I love the sunshine. It's so bright and happy!


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