Friday, July 13, 2012

Hugs in the Sun

To some, the in-law relationship is strained. 

I have heard horror stories. I have seen the movies. I have read the vents, the blog posts, the facebook statuses and the like. 

Somehow, some way, I lucked out. 

Not only did I get a mother in law whom I enjoy and appreciate, whom gets along with my own parents, but the best part is my children got a grandmother whom loves, dotes, spoils and adores them unconditionally. 

How lucky are we? 

Plus, it doesn't hurt our relationship that she lives at the beach and welcomes us with open arms. 

Today is Good. 

Today is Fun. 

Tomorrow is another one.
-Dr. Seuss

Little White Whale


  1. Oh Jackie, you are VERY lucky indeed!!! Such happy pictures :)

  2. Aww those pics are adorable. I got along well with my MIL as well and my husband and mom loved each other. Losing her was as hard on him as losing his own mom was.

  3. Love the photos, so fab! Wht a happy woman, her smile is contagious. Not to mention the superfly shades :)

  4. So lucky! I have a mother-in-law JUST like yours. And like you, I shudder at the horror stories some people tell. I love mine so much we're actually moving next door to her! Seriously. My inlaws own a double lot in a really coveted part of town that's completely built up already. What buildable property is left is super expensive. So we're dividing their lot, and building on it. The kids are so excited to live next to Nana and Papa. It's win-win. Thanks for linking up Jackie!

    1. Well, you must love your MIL a little more than mine. j/k! I think we both agree Sarah, that it's best we give ourselves some distance. Good luck with the move!

  5. Love those pictures! And your little girl sure looks like she loves her grandma!
    I am on the other end of the spectrum... just saw my mother-in-law for the first time in four years. She came and visited us for two weeks, her first time to Canada and I had not even talked to her since we moved here... It went better than expected, though;)
    I do LOVE my ex-mother-in-law, though, that counts a little bit, right? :)

  6. My in-laws just left town this morning, so this post made me all sentimental. :) A great mother-in-law is a tremendous blessing!


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