Monday, June 25, 2012

Daddy's Girl

I'm back!

Did you miss me?

Life has been crazy here in the land o' Zilla. It's been a while since I've posted, leaving my video of our pending Christmas gift, and then dropping off of the Blogosphere for a bit.

It's all good.

Between visits to Sesame Place, the beach, a Bachelorette party, planning and executing a bridal shower for my little sister, and attempting to spend some quality time with the kiddos, writing time was non existent.

But here I am again, excited to share in this week's Listicles with Stasha.

Kim from G is Silent chose for us to write a list about 10 memories of a special man in our life. Father’s day 2012 was very important in Pugliano family. Kim wrote all about. I recommend heading over and to share some love with Kim. 

Since I most recently dedicated a list to my "Baby Daddy" Bry, I decided today, I'd share:

Ten Things About My Dad

1. He is the biggest kid I know. 
My dad was the second oldest of eight, living in a small three bedroom one bath duplex in my hometown. He grew up fast, and never really had too much of what one would characterize as a "childhood". He made up for it though, with us. My own childhood is peppered with memories of amusement parks, visits to museums, trips to the beach, driving to Disney World, and so much more. Be it a roller coaster where he'd wait in line for the front row, to a line for a signature of a baseball player, my dad was always smack dab in the middle of chaos. 

2. the Phillies
My dad and the Phillies, go together like peanut butter and jelly. He's on top of the score, and the stats. His heart bleeds Phillies red, and I swear the majority of his wardrobe is red and white. He has shared his love of the Phils with both Mo & Maeve, as they know their players probably better than most adults. 
Who else but a true Phillies Phanatic would bring a Phanatic doll for his newborn granddaughter in the hospital...twice? 
Notice how the doll is bigger than Maeve? 

3. He cannot swim, yet he knows a helluva lot about swimming
Funny, when to think that this man would drown if he fell into water deeper than his height.
However give him a stopwatch during my 500 yd freestyle race, and upon my finish, he'll be able to give a full replay of what I did right, wrong, and my splits in between. 

4. He has a mild obsession with TV. 
At any given moment in my parents home, the DVR is most likely recording some episode of an obscure show on TBS, while the VCR (yes, they still have one) is recording some replay of an old movie in their bedroom, while my dad sits and watches a previously recorded episode of something else. 
Their house should be one of those Nielsen homes. 

5. Jimmy Fallon makes his way into his conversation at least once every phone call. 
My dad (and mom) love Jimmy Fallon. They tape it nightly, and watch it together every morning. My dad loves to rehash some interview, or share his Friday "Thank you list" with me. There have been numerous moments where I'll be coerced to watch a bit of an episode, where my dad will fast forward and rewind the bit to ensure I "got it".
 I should mention they've seen a taping in person and are hoping to do it again. 

6. His musical tastes are quite eclectic. 
Growing up, we affectionately referred to the selection of rock my dad would play in the car as "Daddy's Druggie Music", and I mean, how could one blame us for that? 
Creedence Clearwater Revival?
Eric Clapton?
Weren't most of the artists of the '60's and '70's high anyway?
Today, while my dad still loves his classic rock, current artists as well as up and coming groups often make their way onto his phone or computer. He will search itunes for groups after hearing their songs on shows on the CW or Fox, and often discovers new groups before they hit radio fame. 

7. Ketchup, anyone?
Anyone who knows my dad, knows of his brand loyalty to Heinz ketchup. Steak, hamburgers, mashed potatoes, eggs, he adds ketchup to them all. 
It appears Maeve has inherited her grandfather's appreciation for condiments, as she's loves ketchup.

8. He can eat or drink anything, and then precede to fall asleep. 
Perhaps it was from his time working the night shift? Maybe it's just genetics. However this man can eat a full dinner, drink a cup or two of coffee and no sooner put down his napkin, head to bed and sleep for the night. Lucky for me, he passed this trait on. 

9. He is mildly obsessed with this price of gasoline. 
Gas is expensive. 
Not sure about it? Ask my dad!
With every visit, not soon after entering the door, I will hear what he paid for the gas he just purchased as he crossed over the bridge into New Jersey, because gas in New Jersey is always cheaper than Pennsylvania. In direct corrleation to this, my father instilled a neuorsis in my siblings and I regarding the gas gauge. 
As per Joe, if the tank is below a half, one must fill with fuel immediately. 
If the gas gauge makes it to one quarter filled, one will receive a strict verbal . 
If the empty gas light turns on, it must be broken because a child of Joe would never let it go below one quarter tank. 

10. There was always time for us
Many of my memories growing up, my dad was there. Sporting events, trips, and such, my dad always found a way to be there. Often working nights, he'd forgo sleep to drive to swim meets or soccer games. I can only assume he'd come home exhausted, but would always make time to talk, to check in with us. 
We were important. 
I see it now, with my own children. As a grandfather, he always makes time for my girls. (My mom too) Making trips, an hour away on Saturday mornings to watch swim lessons or soccer clinics, or using a half day of vacation time to plan a trip to Sesame Place. 
There always is time for the girls. 

Popsie, Mo, & Maeve riding the bouncy frogs on the boardwalk

I realize now, how very lucky I was to have grown up with my father. 
Thanks Dad!

Is there someone worth a list in your life? Your dad? Grandfather? Link up with Stasha & her famous listicles. 


  1. Your dad will probably get teary when he reads this beautiful tribute. Great list!

  2. As soon as I saw your post I remembered the ketchup :) Cannot wait to see the Philly doll make it's apperance again this Christmas!!

  3. Great list. I especially like #3 having been a swimmer myself. I can totally understand the enormity of that statement.

  4. Your dad sounds like an amazing man and a ton of fun! I especially got a chuckle out of number 9. Probably because I too am "interested" with gas prices. Tee hee.

  5. He sounds like a great dad! I love that he loves Jimmy Fallon!

  6. Awww...I love this Jackie! And I think your dad and I would get along very well around the dinner table. I LOVE ketchup too!!!
    Glad to see you back :)

  7. Your dad sounds awesome. :) My parents still have a VCR, too, but actually don't have a DVR.

  8. Aw, he is sooooo adorable. I can't believe he brought that Phillies doll to the hospital, a real fan!!

  9. Your dad sounds like loads of fun! My parents still have the VCR too....still blining 12:00 too. LOL


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