Friday, November 4, 2011


The silver bowl sits atop the counter. Overflowing with sweetened bliss. The candy accumulated from our three (yes 3!) trick or treating adventures piles high.
They know the drill.
Finish your meal, and as reward, on piece awaits.
Will it be a package of lemonade flavored Mike & Ikes?
new this season, I suppose, as Just Born was a sponsor at the Boo at the Zoo event on Sunday
Perhaps, it will be a packet of sweet tarts?
Their sweetened tart flavor causing ones tongue and face to curl up.
Chocolate is always a good choice. Will it be, Hershey's bar? Mini Snickers? Milky Way?

She turns her face towards the bowl. Balancing herself on the chair, she stands above.
Focused on her task.
She fingers a package of M&M's.
Ah, Good choice, I think.
But releases them, and continues to dig.
Laffy Taffy, Smarties, Starbursts, and Swedish Fish:
Each item examined, closely drawn to her face, then released.
Back into the pool of candy.
The orange wrapper is visible, and I notice it.
How can I not?
It's my most favorite Halloween candy, Reese's Peanut Butter cups.
Yes, cups.
Two cups.
The next street over most of the houses give out full size bars, and this piece a relic of that stroll.
Perhaps she has not seen it, but alas, her fingers find the package.
With conviction, she says, "I choose this!".
Raising the orange wrapped candy over her head, I fake a smile.
"Oh good" I sigh, "Peanut Butter cups are so yummy".
I had planned to eat those after bedtime.
To savor each yummy chocolate peanut buttery cup alone, in private, without tiny fingers begging for a morsel.

Damn her.

Then she does it.
"You want to share, Mama?" she starts. "I got two. One for me and one for you".
Who is this creature? This blue eyed, dirty blond child willing to share her Halloween candy which she earned, where did she come from?

Damn her.

"Of course, I'll share". I say.
The smile stretches across her face and she takes a giant bite.
"I like peanut butter cups". she says.
"Me too, Mo. Me too."


  1. This is written in such pretty way. She loves you so much! I only share chocolate with my son. I did a few times with Husband, but it was hard...

  2. How sweet! (And I'm so envious - you have neighbors who give out full-sized candy?!)

  3. Haha!! Love this, Jackie, being the sweet tooth I am ;)
    Sometimes three year olds can surprise us, right?


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