Wednesday, November 16, 2011

I Used to Be....

I used to be fun.

I used to be a night owl.
I used to be a riot.
I used to be easy going.
I used to be relaxed.
I used to sleep late.
I used to dress stylish.
I used to work out.
I used to work out of the house.
I used to be someone else.

Sometimes, I miss that person.
She was pretty cool, now that I think back to her.

That girl who's biggest worries were reserved for things like wondering if her pants made her ass look too big, or which restaurant for dinner on a Friday night.
Mortgage refinacing and nap training were not part of her vocabulary.

I think back to my time before becoming a parent longingly. If I could drop in for a moment, I think I would shake myself, and yell, "Sleep more! Eat out more! Vacation more! Spend more time just the two of you alone."

Don't get me wrong.
I love my life now.
We are truly blessed to have two smart, beautiful and strong little girls, a home we intend to live in forever, and a lifestyle that permits us treats like Laurie Berkner Band tickets for Christmas and occasional nights out to dinner.
But, when I think back to that carefree easy life, I'm jealous a bit,
Especially the way my ass used to look in those jeans.


  1. I can so relate to this. My life is so different than it was even 10 years ago.

  2. So get this!

    I love my life now, but wow, were things simpler before. And yes, I miss my old body, too!

  3. so get this! I sometimes long for those weekends when we could sleep in, be lazy all day in our pjs. New follower!

  4. I stunk at the sleeping in, etc. I do wish for a little less noise sometimes. But that noise is my children, the ones I wasn't supposed to ever have. So most of the time I'm good, but man, sometimes it is just too loud. By butt wasn't that good in jeans then either...

  5. I'm with you on this on Jackie! I would love to do an all night-er or just to feel that reckless and carefree feeling like I used to!

  6. I can say AMEN!!! I miss my old body SOOOOO MUCH! But - I sometimes miss my old fun self.

  7. I'm with you there. As much as I love my life now -- I sometimes try to vaguely remember what it was like to sleep until I wanted to get up and then spend my Saturday mornings watching decorating shows on TV. And of course, this all happened after a Friday night out with the hubby and friends.

  8. Feel you there! Oh the list of "used to be" we can make.

  9. I miss my ass too...
    You are the most incredible writer. Even when you long for something you still overwrite it with happiness.


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